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Se spune că există o metodă în nebunie, dar când vine vorba de îngrijirea pielii, cercetarea și dragostea pentru corpul tău te vor duce departe.

Ne-am făcut timp să explorăm toate acestea. Ceea ce ne-a alimentat a fost setea de eficiență și rezultate pe termen lung care ne privesc în ochi. Fie pentru prevenire, fie pentru remediere, ambii sunt aliații noștri de încredere care luptă cu superficialul.

Adunând o echipă mondială de cunoscători ai industriei frumuseții, care testează în mod constant cele mai noi mărci și produse, decodifică ingrediente, le-am măsurat eficiența, depășind limitele pentru bunăstarea noastră reciprocă.

Ceea ce este descris ca un rezultat magic are în spate lanțuri și sisteme ramificate, reacții și contrareacții. Privește suficient de aproape. Pielea ta îți va spune tot ce trebuie să știi.

Natura și știința lucrează împreună și vi le aducem pe amândouă. Distilat în sticle mari sau mici, tuburi, batoane și un loc la masă.
Avem o conversație deschisă despre pielea ta.

Discover our skincare paradise

The Skincare Paradise

Embark on an awe-inspiring quest with SAVIN'SKIN as we journey deep into the wild, uncovering the bountiful gifts that nature has to offer.

Each miraculous potion we discover is a testament to the harmonious fusion of naturally sourced ingredients and cutting-edge scientific research.

Our journey illuminates a vivid parallel between the pristine wilderness, where these ingredients are found, the clean, highly researched formulations and sustainable ethos that drives the selection of products at SAVIN'SKIN.

We're excited to bring you the world's best-kept skincare secrets, nurtured and grown in the wild, and delivered directly to you.

Join us in our pursuit of nature's most luxurious offerings and step into the future of clean beauty with SAVIN'SKIN.

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SAVIN'SKIN is a safe space for your skin, built with tools and knowledge we acquired in years of research and constant testing.

What fuels our passion?
In my early 20s I was misdiagnosed with PCOS and underwent a strong hormonal treatment that I should not have taken.
Turned out it changed my entire life. With a body that was out of balance, I had a lot of skin, hair and overall health issues that affected me on many levels. While trying everything I could to get my health back, I discovered various communities around the world that turned towards a holistic approach.
Skin reflects our overall health and vice versa.
Our largest organ is also the most accurate map of our lifestyle. When you know how to read it, it will bring you to hidden treasures.
I reviewed hundreds of products that did not have the customer's health in mind, but mere profit.
When I realized that some of the ingredients we put on our faces are the same as those used in a car engine, I did an 180-degree turn and focused on finding ingredients that nurture our skin, are efficient and never compromise our health, in any way.

 is the result of this quest. We compiled a collection that focuses on active ingredients, rooted in years of research, testing and visible results. No sketchy ingredients. No funny business. When nature and science join forces, it's actually what, in popular terms, it's called "a miracle". In reality, it’s the right choice.
Of course, taking care of your skin does not replace a healthy life, balanced in all areas. But it's most definitely a solid support system that will take you places.

With love,
Ana-Maria Savin, Founder of SAVIN'SKIN

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