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Long interested in natural products, J.P. Mastey has struggled to find products that meet his high standards.
After many years of experimentation, he succeeded in creating an effective, natural and uncompromising formula.
Newly discovered techniques, perseverance and inspiration all came together through J.P. Mastey, who created Corpus.

The result is a deodorant that goes far beyond what you would expect from "natural".

"Natural deodorant was one of those products that I felt passionate about and came close several times, but 'close' wasn't good enough," says J.P. Mastey.


Discover our favorite products from Corpus Naturals

Editor's choice



The classic smell of a distinct wood ,that just gets stronger and more complex as you smell it.

Editor's choice

Third Rose


It’s the perfect Rose scent.Not overpowering, but present.

Editor's choice

The Botanist


The Botanist smells like nature.Fresh air, taking a hike.

Editor's choice

No. Green


Every time you smell it, it smells like a different type of citrus.It smells so nice and fresh.

Editor's choice



California smells like a breezy summer day. It’s vacation time.


Corpus Signature Scents

Corpus Natural Fragrance is built with the traditional fragrance architecture in mind, consisting of a base note, a middle note and a top note.
Natural perfumery could be likened to the modern vegan chef who transforms the constraints imposed by ingredients into compelling and satisfying substitutes.
Through immense research, development through creativity, and experience Corpus' natural fragrance has been able to compete with the expectations set by conventional chemistry.

"We created a deodorant with high olfactory profiles and an uncompromising vegan formula using only plant and mineral-based ingredients." says Corpus Naturals

Our selected brands

Trusting your Innersense!

Efficacy & Purity.

The most beloved lip balm.

Nutritional Skincare.

Rainforest Grown Beauty.

Spellbinding Natural Color.

The sun looks good on you!

Smart Skincare.

High-Tech Korean Skincare.

Botanical power, from farm to skin!

Make-up that feels like skin!

The art of "Clean" Beauty!

Clean, skin-centric beauty.

Clean skincare with standards.

Fight for Fresh!

Molecular skincare.


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