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For decades, women from the Quechua-Shuar tribes journeyed deep into the Amazon jungle to prepare an extremely powerful, restorative oil known as Rahua, which they believed was the key to their thick, flowing, glossy hair.
Rahua oil strengthens weak, damaged strands, feeds and protects the hair follicle and scalp, and its ultra-fine molecules drive color pigmentation deep into the hair shaft, significantly prolonging color persistence.

Fabian Linguin
, a renowned hair stylist and colorist based in New York, experimented with this oil on a client with extremely dry, damaged hair in his Fifth Avenue salon and was astounded when her hair transformed completely: from brittle and lifeless to healthy, shining, and bouncy.
He immediately recognized that he was holding in his hands something unique, therefore, RAHUA brand (pronounced "ra-wa") was born.


Discover our favorite products from RAHUA

Editor's choice

Voluminous Shampoo


Discover our bestselling shampoo that will bring back to life your hair. Volumizing, nourishing and suitable for all hair types, this product is a game changer.

Editor's choice

Leave-In Treatment


Just a little amount of this treatment is enough to protect, hydrate and take care of your strands. Enriched with rahua oil and omegas, this leave-in treatment protects healing and prevents breakage.

Editor's choice

Scalp Exfoliationg Shampoo


Scalp Care is trending! Because healthy hair cannot exist without a healthy scalp. Treat yourself with this amazing Scalp Shampoo every now and then!

Editor's choice

Founder's Blend


Founder's Blend is like no other treatment. Douse your roots with this amazing potion and leave it overnight as mask. Itchy scalps will thank us!

Editor's choice

Example Title


Luxurious formula, super nourishing and perfect for damaged hair. Plus, it smells like a tropical, 5 star holiday!


Rainforest Grown Beauty.

RAHUA’s founders, Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers, are two environmentalists inspired by Mother Nature.

Their promise is to produce the most luxurious, natural, efficacious products on the market, with the goal of supporting the Amazon Rainforest and creating a healthy, self-sustained economy for the indigenous inhabitants.
For this, they gather rainforest grown ingredients only from self-sustained forest, which means that ingredients are grown wild (not farmed) in the virgin rainforest and are hand processed through ancestral knowledge of the the makers.

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