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Transgressing the conventional rules of fabric care and working with the finest ingredients on the market, Tangent GC's evolution towards a skin care line came as naturally as their ingredients.
Manufactured in France, the skincare line, dedicated to body care, comprises the purest castile soap, pure vegetable oils, cellulose gum, salt and water.
Without adding any preservatives, petrochemicals and artificial fragrance, Tangent GC quickly became a staple of every “clean beauty” bathroom.
Their passion for all natural formulas transfers into a variety of nature-like niche-scents, dedicated to enrich your bathing experience.

this is green.

The fragrances, straight out of David Samuelson's imagination, evoke spectacular aromas: herbal, spicy or even vitaminised.

The TANGENT GC natural body care line is made with natural ingredients, using the purest French castile soap and is enriched with herbal, spicy and floral fragrances, similar to a niche perfume.

If suddenly, by olfactory association, you are transported at the shade of a palm tree or a field of freshly-cut grass, it is a clear indication that the products in your bathroom bear the TANGENT GC signature.

Our selected brands

The Glow Below!

The Flavorcare Collection.

Voted "The Best" natural deodorant!

The power of Amazon Jungle.

Trusting your Innersense!

Efficacy & Purity.

The most beloved lip balm!

Nutritional Skincare.

Rainforest Grown Beauty.

The sun looks good on you!

This is green.

The art of "Clean" Beauty!

Clean skincare with standards.

Fight for Fresh!

Botanical power, from farm to skin!

High-Tech Korean Skincare.


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