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Oio Lab

Oio Lab is a Polish botanical skincare brand that merges the power of natural ingredients with advanced technology to deliver skincare solutions that offer proven and measurable results. Every product is meticulously created in their in-house laboratory, led by a team of certified chemists in cooperation with leading medical universities. This ensures the highest production standards and efficacy.

Oio Lab's commitment to innovation extends to pioneering new ingredients and eco-friendly solutions, including home-compostable mycelium packaging. Their products are rigorously tested, both through consumer in-use tests and instrumental tests, providing concrete data and precise results. Certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan by PETA, Oio Lab takes active steps to protect the environment through initiatives like planting biodiverse forests and supporting soil regeneration projects.

Joanna's Journey

Joanna Ryglewicz founded Oio Lab in Poland with a mission to create high-performance skincare that is also kind to the planet. Inspired by both traditional medicine and scientific research, she led a meticulous process of testing and refining ingredients. This dedication resulted in the launch of Oio Lab's first product in 2018.

Joanna ensures that every product is crafted in an in-house laboratory, guaranteeing transparency and quality. Collaborating with medical universities and independent labs, Oio Lab focuses on innovative ingredients and sustainable packaging. Joanna's vision of combining effectiveness with environmental responsibility continues to drive Oio Lab's success in providing exceptional skincare solutions.

Eco-Friendly Elegance

Committed to sustainability, Oio Lab uses eco-friendly packaging, including FSC-certified paper and biophotonic violet glass bottles. Their dedication to environmental protection is further demonstrated through partnerships with local organizations to plant forests and support marine ecology. A portion of each purchase also supports soil regeneration projects through the DIRT Charity.

Oio Lab's rigorous testing process, including consumer in-use tests and instrumental measurements, guarantees transparency and proven results. Their story is one of meticulous craftsmanship, scientific excellence, and a deep respect for nature, offering skincare solutions that are both effective and kind to the planet.


Discover our selection of favourite products from Oio Lab

Editor's choice

Hyperfresh Balm Quantum Glow

Meet Hyperfresh Balm Quantum Glow by Oio Lab! This multi-benefit balm gives an instant glow and nurtures your skin. Infused with light-reflecting minerals, stable vitamin C, cork oat extract, and organic mongongo oil, it boosts moisture and radiance. Proven to increase hydration by 36% in 30 minutes, its creamy texture blends effortlessly, providing a natural, radiant look with 100% natural ingredients, free from synthetic preservatives and fragrances.

Editor's choice

Fulvic Ionic Mineral Face and Scalp Toner

Refresh and revitalize with Fulvic Ionic Mineral Face and Scalp Toner by Oio Lab. This all-in-one mist nourishes skin and scalp with fulvic acid and fermented minerals, supporting a healthy microbiome and promoting hair growth. Perfect for all skin types, it delivers essential nutrients, balances pH, and protects against stressors. Enjoy a radiant, refreshed complexion and stronger hair with every use!

Editor's choice

Melting Blush Eye and Cheek Colour Balm 

Meet Melting Blush Eye and Cheek Colour Balm by Oio Lab! This multi-purpose balm melts into your skin, giving you a fresh, natural pop of color. Made with flower waxes, botanicals, and mineral pigments, it's enriched with Vitamin C and cork oat extract. Perfect for sensitive skin, it's fragrance-free and vegan. Enjoy a healthy, radiant glow that feels like you've just spent time in nature.

Editor's choice

All In Eye Contour and Eyelid Complete Serum

Brighten and awaken your eyes with All In Eye Contour and Eyelid Complete Serum. This all-in-one gel serum targets dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, hydration, and eyelid sagging. Powered by tuberose stem cells, betaine, and algae extracts, it firms and defines your eye area. Enriched with Tasmanian pepper berry, ectoine, and hyaluronic acid, it soothes and moisturizes. Perfect for sensitive skin, it boosts elasticity and skin density for a well-rested look.

Editor's choice

The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Emulsion

Discover The Forest Retreat Calming Facial Emulsion by Oio Lab, your de-stress solution for skin. This forest-inspired emulsion combines 14 natural extracts, including adaptogenic plants and mushroom extracts, to reduce redness and improve skin appearance. Patented wild indigo seed extract soothes stressed skin, leaving it strong and radiant. Plus, each purchase helps plant 1 sq. m of biodiverse forest. Great for your skin and nature!


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