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Sitre is a Danish brand that redefines intimacy with a transparent, inclusive approach suitable for all sexualities, ages, genders, and bodies. Born out of a desire to create high-quality intimate products and honest narratives, Sitre celebrates pleasure and respect in every aspect. Their mission is to provide a more honest, caring, and inclusive take on intimacy, moving the narrative away from being 'naughty' or 'dirty' to being kind and mindful.

Collaborating with leading clean skincare experts in Denmark, Sitre ensures their products are of the highest quality. They embrace simplicity and avoid unnecessary or harmful additives, resulting in allergy-friendly, vegan products free from glycerin, perfume, or parabens. Sitre is committed to providing a healthier, more honest approach to both skincare and intimacy.

Celebrating Intimacy

Sitre was founded by Julie Herskin and Cecilie Hjelmager, who felt alienated by the existing language and stories around intimacy products. Their experiences with subpar products that made them feel wrong and unsexy led them to take matters into their own hands. Determined to change the industry, they partnered with Denmark's best skincare experts to create a range of sensual and inclusive intimate products.

Julie and Cecilie launched Sitre in February 2021 with the belief that experiences of intimacy are shaped by the language and stories surrounding it. They aimed to create a brand that respects and celebrates intimacy for all, moving away from outdated and stigmatized views.

Sitre's Inclusive Pleasure

Sitre emerged from Denmark with the mission to offer a more honest, inclusive, and caring perspective on intimacy and pleasure. Frustrated by the lack of high-quality intimate products and the alienating narratives surrounding them, founders Julie Herskin and Cecilie Hjelmager decided to make a change. Partnering with leading skincare experts, they developed a range of products designed for all sexualities, ages, genders, and bodies.

Sitre stands out not only for their commitment to quality but also for their dedication to changing the narrative around intimacy. By creating products that are both sensual and safe, Sitre invites everyone to embrace their own unique experiences of pleasure with confidence and respect.


Discover our selection of favourite products from Sitre

Editor's choice

Pleasure Boost oil

Enhance your intimacy with Oil | Pleasure Boost by Sitre. This powerful oil goes beyond care, using safe CBD to stimulate and relax muscles. Users have reported easier, bigger, and better orgasms. Initially, 0.5% CBD made a slight difference, but upping it to 1% made a significant impact. Experience the pleasure-boosting benefits and enjoy a more fulfilling intimate experience!

Editor's choice

Water-Based Natural Lubricant

Meet Sitre's Water-Based Sex Gel, the first product they ever created with wellness in mind. This gel feels incredible, is safe for everyone, and nurtures the skin. With 20% organic aloe vera, it offers a silky, soft feel that enhances every touch. The ingredients hydrate and protect the skin, providing a healing, anti-inflammatory effect. Ideal for pleasure and everyday intimate hydration, it feels as natural as your own lubricant. Enjoy the smooth, intensified sensation!

Editor's choice

Shower Care All Body Wash 

Introducing the ultimate all-body wash, including intimate areas! Sitre's Shower Care nurtures and hydrates your skin with powerful prebiotics and a gentle, perfume-free, pH-balanced formula. Safe for all skin types, including the vulva, it offers a soft, soothing texture that leaves you feeling pampered. Sitre perfected this wash to ensure it's gentle yet effective, providing a balanced cleanse for your whole body. Enjoy the ultimate all-in-one wash!

Editor's choice

Massage Candle Night Touch

Experience intimacy with Sitre's Night Touch Massage Candle. Its earthy, sensual scent sets the mood, while the wax transforms into warm, moisturizing massage oil. Made with jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, it soothes and softens the skin. Perfect for solo relaxation or a full-body massage with a partner, this candle enhances every touch, relieving tension and creating a deep, intimate connection. Enjoy the ultimate sensory delight!

Editor's choice

Silicone Long-Lasting Lubricant

Introducing Sitre's Silicone Sex Gel, a long-lasting, allergy-friendly, and non-toxic lubricant. Unlike water-based gels, this silicone gel stays on the skin, ensuring extra ease and no friction without needing reapplication. Infused with moisturizing oils and antioxidant vitamin E, it provides a nurturing and healing effect, keeping discomfort at bay. Enjoy extended pleasure and comfort with every use!


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