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Zoom Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum - savin'skin
Zoom Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum - savin'skin

Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum

445,00 lei
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  • 50 ml


In order to keep your hair follicles healthy and decrease hair loss, Dr. Barbara Sturm recommends using her Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum.
Healthy hair grows faster, and the volume, radiance, and strength it gains are all attributed to this treatment.
With the help of Provitamin B5, hair breakage is reduced and split ends are prevented.
Even chemically treated hair may be repaired and protected from heat, dirt particles, and UV radiation with the help of Sunflower Sprouts and Tara extract.
Cationic hyaluronic acid, a revolutionary ingredient, enhances the water content of the skin, making it more supple.
The hair follicle is nourished and strengthened by extracts of Camellia and Larch.
Regular use of ANTI-HAIR FALL SCALP SERUM in conjunction with Dr. Sturm's ANTIHAIR FALL SHAMPOO results in silky, crease-free hair that is strengthened and glistens.

How to use

FOR: all hair types

Using the pipette, apply the formula directly onto your scalp (on dry or wet hair) and massage gently.
Allow time for the serum to absorb. For best results, use the Scalp Serum in the evening to optimize scalp health.

Editor's note

Compared to skincare, Hyaluronic Acid is not an incredibly nourishing ingredient when it comes to hair care and is not often used for this purpose. However, Dr. Barbara Sturm blows our minds again.
Pairing the regular Hyaluronic Acid with a cationic group through a highly technological process, a new revolutionary ingredient was obtained: Cationic Hyaluronic Acid.
And yes, thanks to it, you will enjoy a next-level experience when using her hair care line.
More so, this serum is infused with so many amazing ingredients that will nourish your hair follicle, resulting in less hair loss when used frequently.
Pair this serum with a scalp massage tool and enjoy a full, luscious mane that shines as bright as the sun.


Glycerine, Panthenol, Purslane Extract, Cationic Hyaluronic Acid, Sunflower Seed Sprout Extract, Tara Extract, Camellia Extract, European Larch Extract.


Anti-Hair Fall Scalp Serum

445,00 lei


The Anti-Inflammatory Doctor

It all started with the MC1 Cream, a product that has become a cult favourite with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Irina Shayk, Nicole Richie, Brooke Shields and many others.
This face cream helped the body to use its own proteins in order to reduce skin inflammation and stimulate the healing process.
MC1 Cream, also known as "Blood Cream", laid the foundation for the whole anti-inflammatory philosophy behind #SturmGLOW.
Providing stelar results, such as deep hydration, healing skin problems and reducing visible signs of skin irritation, Dr. Barbara Sturm built one of the most sought after brands in the skincare industry.

Brand Policy

While incredibly efficient, Dr Barbara’s Sturm products are 100% cruelty-free, vegan (excepting her Lip Balm that contains beeswax), safe for pregnant women and highly scientific.
Her formulas do not contain parabens, sulfates, phylates, synthetic fragrance and mineral oils, making them Non-Toxic and amazing for your skin.
She knows and preaches the fact that inflammation is the root cause of our all skin related issues and that it speeds our body’s aging process.

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