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Zoom Bioactive Rose Gommage - savin'skin
Zoom Bioactive Rose Gommage - savin'skin
Zoom Bioactive Rose Gommage - savin'skin
Zoom Bioactive Rose Gommage - savin'skin

Bioactive Rose Gommage

335,00 lei
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  • 50 ml


BIOACTIVE ROSE GOMMAGE is a peeling gel that exfoliates - without using abrasive ingredients - to improve the appearance of skin texture and refresh dull / tired complexion.
Skin instantly appears smooth and glowing.
Fabulous for all skin types, this divinely rose-scented bioactive gel unveils a delightful feeling of newfound baby soft skin.

GOMMAGE comes from the French term "to erase” and it is a professional-type exfoliation method used to thoroughly erase dead skin and build-up of impurities, without irritating the skin.
Resurfacing PINEAPPLE & PAPAYA enzymes act as a duo to dissolve dead skin and refine skin texture by improving the appearance of pores, to unveil a smooth, glowing complexion.
Hydrating HYALURONIC ACID is naturally present in the skin's structure and plays a crucial role in the beauty and health of the skin, helping to bind and retain water.
Soothing ROSE WATER is an ancestral beauty elixir that improves the appearance of redness, moisturizes and calms even the most sensitized skin.
Purifying KONJAC ROOT which contains natural cleansing and purifying properties to support a clean, refreshed complexion.

How to use

FOR: all skin types including mature, sensitive, dry, blemish-prone, oily.
CONCERN: skin texture, dullness, clogged pores

: improves the appearance of skin texture, refreshes dull / tired complexion, unveils a delightful feeling of newfound baby soft skin, skin instantly appears smooth and glowing

This gel can be used as a GOMMAGE or MASQUE.
Use the facial brush [included in box] to apply a thin layer over the face, neck & décolleté - let the ingredients work their magic.

TO GOMMAGE: Let dry slightly - Just before it fully dries, gently rub off the gel - The product will roll off under fingers.
Rinse residue with warm water.
TO MASQUE: Let dry completely - Rinse off with warm water.

Editor's note

A one of a kind “gommage” that sloughs away dead skin cells, thanks to its resurfacing, hydrating and soothing ingredients.
This peeling gel does not contain any abrasive ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.
When using it as a gommage, gently massage your face before the product fully dries, or let it dry completely and use it as a mask.
However you prefer to apply this, it will definitely refresh and improve your skin texture, after the first usage.
You will receive the product in a box, alongside a mask brush, designed to ease and elate your process.
Making this a staple moment for your weekly pampering process.


Rosa Damascena [Rose] Distillate, Glycerin*, Carica Papaya [Papaya*] Leaf Extract, Carica Papaya [Papaya*] Fruit Extract, Ananas Comosus [Pineapple*] Fruit Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate [Hyaluronic Acid], Glucomannan [Konjac Flour] Powder, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Bicarbonate [Baking Soda], Aqua [Water], Melia Azadirachta [Neem] Extract, Coccinia Indica [Ivy Gourd] Extract, Solanum Melongena [Eggplant] Extract, Aloe Barbadensis [Aloe] Extract, Ocimum Sanctum [Tulsi] Extract, Curcuma Longa [Turmeric] Extract, Corallina Officinalis [Seaweed] Extract / *Organic Origin


Bioactive Rose Gommage

335,00 lei

Meet the founder: Valerie Grandury

Odacité is a beauty brand that combines the best of two worlds: the result-driven French skincare mentality with the green California purity revolution, thus making it efficient and pure at the same time.
The founder, Valerie Grandury is born and raised in Paris and now living in Los Angeles.
While battling breast cancer, she realized that in order to heal, she has to change everything and embarked on the fascinating journey of removing all toxins from her life.
When talking about skincare, she wanted to find something that combined efficacy with purity and started blending custom-made skincare for private clients and herself, and so, Odacité was born.

The Clean Promise.

Their endeavor is to produce the most effective products without any toxins.
They scout the world to source the highest quality ingredients, precious plant extracts, magical oils and potent cosmeceuticals.
Odacité is free of fillers, parabens, nanoparticles, petrochemicals, PEG, synthetic perfumes, dyes, phenoxyethanol, Cruelty-Free (PETA certification) and Vegan Friendly.

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