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Zoom SmartGoggles - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom SmartGoggles - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom SmartGoggles - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom SmartGoggles - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom SmartGoggles - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom SmartGoggles - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom SmartGoggles - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom SmartGoggles - SAVIN'SKIN


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Introducing Therabody's SmartGoggles: a groundbreaking innovation designed to transform your daily unwinding and sleep rituals.
Crafted to address the common challenges of stress, headaches, and eye strain, these goggles combine gentle massage, warming heat, and therapeutic vibration, offering a comprehensive solution for relaxation.
At the heart of SmartGoggles lies the exclusive SmartSense Technology™, which personalizes your relaxation journey by adjusting treatments to achieve a more serene heart rate.

Whether you're combating the fatigue of constant screen exposure, seeking relief from persistent headaches, or yearning for a deeper, more restful sleep, SmartGoggles are your ally.
They not only soothe your day-to-day tensions but also pave the way for a night of profound rest and recovery, promising an enhancement in both the quality and depth of your sleep.

How to use

For an optimal experience, ensure your skin is clean and free from makeup. Here's how to immerse yourself in tranquility with SmartGoggles:
Position the SmartGoggles over your eyes, adjusting the strap for a snug fit around your temples and nose bridge. Ensure the heart rate sensor contacts your cheekbone.

Keep your eyes closed to maximize benefits.
To activate, long press the Power Button.
Cycle through the modes—SmartRelax, Focus, and Sleep—with short presses.
Adjust vibration intensity with short presses on the Vibration Button, and select your desired heating pattern with the Heating Button.
To conclude your session, long press the Power Button until the device shuts off.

Editor's note

Upon rigorous testing, our team has found the SmartGoggles to be more than just a tech accessory; it's a gateway to unparalleled relaxation and sleep enhancement. The customizability of the modes and sensations allows for a deeply personal relaxation experience, making it a must-have for anyone looking to destress effectively. Whether it's the gentle massage or the soothing heat, every feature has been crafted to ease your transition into a state of serenity. Pair it with the TheraMind sound therapy for an enveloping calm that has to be experienced to be believed. With its portable design, the SmartGoggles become your on-the-go relaxation sanctuary, ready to transform any space into a haven of peace


What's in the box:
Soft Protective Case
USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
Front and Interior Panels: Protein Leather Fabric
Strap: Cotton Fabric



995,00 lei

Necessity is the mother of Invention.

About Dr. Jason Wesland

Dr. Jason Wersland's journey from adversity to innovation began following a severe motorcycle accident in 2007, leading him to develop the first prototype of what would become a pioneering device in percussive therapy.

This innovation marked the launch of Theragun in 2016, evolving into Therabody, a testament to significant advancement in health technology. Under Dr. Wersland's leadership, Therabody introduced groundbreaking models and expanded into holistic solutions dedicated to skin’s health.

Transitioning from a chiropractor in search of personal relief to the head of an innovative brand, Dr. Wersland showcases a steadfast commitment to global health improvement.
Through Therabody, he continues to lead the charge in natural solutions, driven by a passion for science and the impactful benefits of shared health experiences.

A Symphony of Tech & Wellness

Therabody distinguishes itself in the wellness technology realm by blending advanced therapies that cater to comprehensive physical and skin health.

Central to its innovation is percussive therapy, which uses rapid strokes to deeply rejuvenate muscles without causing discomfort, offering enhanced recovery and flexibility.
Additionally, Therabody's LED therapy leverages specific light wavelengths to support skin health, addressing issues from aging to acne with red, blue, and near-infrared light.
Complementing these, microcurrent therapy delivers a facial 'workout' that stimulates collagen production, tightens skin, and improves circulation.

This trio of technologies underpins Therabody's holistic approach to wellness, making it a leader in providing integrated solutions for modern self-care needs.

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