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Zoom Turban - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom Turban - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom Turban - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom Turban - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom Turban - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom Turban - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom Turban - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom Turban - SAVIN'SKIN
Zoom Turban - SAVIN'SKIN


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Discover the slip® pure silk turban, brought to you by the innovators behind the celebrated slip® pure silk pillowcase. This hair accessory is meticulously designed for individuals with curly and/or thick hair, providing a refined solution to reduce frizz and prevent hair damage during sleep. Encased in the finest slipsilk™ on both sides, it offers superior protection against friction. With a classic twist design and an elastic band covered in slipsilk™, it comfortably fits a wide variety of head sizes. This turban is an essential tool for anyone looking to maintain their hair's natural beauty and health overnight, ensuring a smoother, more manageable mane come morning.

How to use

To shield your hair from overnight friction, loosely gather your hair at the top of your head and wrap it in the turban, making sure all hair is neatly enclosed. The silk edge should fully cover your hairline and ears to keep the turban securely in place, providing a protective barrier throughout the night. This turban caters to all hair types but may fit more loosely on short and/or fine hair. For optimal results, it is recommended not to use the turban on wet or damp hair. Integrating this step into your nightly routine can be pivotal in achieving and maintaining the health and appearance of your hair.

Hand wash 30°C (86°F).
Use a pH neutral liquid detergent.
Line dry in shade.
Iron or steam on a low heat.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.

Editor's note

This isn't just another hair accessory; it's a game-changer. The inspiration drawn from Fiona Stewart's journey, combined with the age-old wisdom of hair wrapping, resonates deeply with the quest for healthier, more vibrant hair. Beyond its practical benefits, wearing the turban feels like a nightly act of self-care, wrapping the hair in the gentle embrace of the finest silk. It's a beautifully crafted piece that doesn't just sit on your nightstand; it becomes a cherished part of your beauty routine, making it an indispensable ally for anyone looking to nurture their hair while they sleep.


100% Pure Slipsilk™: Crafted from the highest grade mulberry silk, double-lined for enhanced softness and durability.
Specially Selected Elastic: Designed to ensure a comfortable fit for a variety of head sizes, wrapped in slipsilk™ for added gentleness.
Non-toxic Dyes: Chosen for their safety and ability to preserve the natural qualities of the silk.

Includes 1 x black slipsilk turban, double-lined for increased protection, crafted entirely from 100% pure mulberry silk, excluding the elastic.
Fits most head sizes (21”- 28” / 54cm - 72cm).



480,00 lei


Slipsilk™, born from a partnership between Slip and silk connoisseurs, sets itself apart from ordinary silk. Engineered from high-grade long-fiber pure mulberry silk, it brings unparalleled shine, softness, and durability into your beauty regimen, redefining the concept of luxury care.

This premium silk has been a game-changer in beauty routines, offering a suite of benefits that cater to both skin and hair. Its smooth texture reduces friction, minimizing the appearance of sleep wrinkles and preventing hair tangles and breakage.
Unlike other materials that may absorb moisture and beauty products, slipsilk™ helps maintain your skin's hydration and keeps hair smooth and glossy, supporting overall skin health and hair vitality.

Clinically proven to enhance skin texture, hydration, and radiance, and to diminish fine lines within just a few nights, slipsilk™ is more than just an accessory for your pillow. It's an overnight beauty therapy, endorsed by skin experts and celebrities alike for its effectiveness in promoting a healthier, more youthful appearance.

Choosing slipsilk™ is an investment in your skin’s and hair’s health, transforming each night's rest into a rejuvenating experience. Wake up feeling refreshed, with visibly softer skin and silkier hair, embracing the true essence of beauty sleep with slipsilk™.


In 2003, Slip's founder, Fiona Stewart, faced a challenge: sensitive skin and thinning hair due to acne medication. Her dermatologist suggested a silk pillowcase for its gentle properties on skin and hair. Unable to find one that met her needs, Fiona took matters into her own hands, sourcing the finest silk to create her own. The impact was immediate, sparking demand among friends and local shops.

Slip Silk was born from Fiona's personal journey, emphasizing the importance of gentle care. Fiona focuses on hydration, anti-aging, and sensitivity, values that Slip embodies. Using premium long-strand mulberry silk, weighed at 22 momme, and non-toxic dyes, Slip Silk represents the pinnacle of gentle, luxurious beauty care.


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