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Corpus: Luxurious Body Care

People see body care as a simple necessity and generally don’t take much into consideration the type of products they use as long as they work. But the fact that what we put on our skin has a toll on our health is taken into consideration more and more and consumers are beginning to take a better look at the ingredients of their everyday products. We no longer want to expose our skin and therefore our entire body to toxic elements as we start realizing that we are one interconnected system.

Still, there are products that people seem to find more difficult to replace than others. The main problems come from simple products that we use every day, like deodorant or body wash that have already proven their efficiency. And things get particularly tricky when the natural alternative to these products don’t usually offer the same results that we are accustomed to. Luckily, there is a way to have it all and the solution comes from CORPUS Naturals.

Brand origins

J.P. Mastey has searched for a very long time for products that had both natural ingredients and great results. His experience of over 15 years in the skincare industry gave him the possibility of trying everything that was on the market. When he did not find what he was looking for he decided to take matters into his own hands and start experimenting. After years of study and hard work he managed to create exactly what he had been searching for: products that were both 100% natural and 100% effective.

One of the products he was desperate to reproduce in a clean alternative was the deodorant. As Mastey often says, he was tired of going on autopilot when it came to certain parts of his daily skincare routine. He wanted more and he managed to transform the simple deodorant into a super product, a step that spoils you, not just another check on the list.

The work was hard and there were considerable developments in the field of organic chemistry that came into play, but the results were exceptional. And with them, in 2018, Mastey launched his brand, CORPUS Naturals.

Natural ingredients and sustainability

The CORPUS Naturals brand DNA is based on two fundamental values: 100% natural ingredients and sustainability. They are set in stone and determine everything brand related, from ingredients (obviously), to suppliers, formulas, packaging and distribution. CORPUS says no to compromises on every aspect of the business,

The part about the ingredients is regulated in house as the brand has set very high standards for what they consider to be “natural ingredients”. This need has risen from the fact that you can’t just take any ingredient from nature and use it as it is on your body. Everything that is used in the beauty industry has to be processed one way or another.

So what does “natural” mean to CORPUS? Any ingredient that is directly derived from a natural source that has been minimally processed. Therefore, flawless technique and a very talented nose is required to get the signature CORPUS scents as they are the piece de resistance of the brand. More than simple aromas, these deodorants are actually built by J.P. Mastey uses the same structure as niche perfumes. They have high notes, middle notes and base notes. So when you are using the Third Rose Natural Deodorant, for example, it’s not like using a deodorant that smells like roses, it’s like you’re in a rose garden yourself. If you prefer more exotic flavors, Santalum is definitely the way to go.

Of course, the fragrance is not the only thing that sets the CORPUS deodorants apart. They also offer excellent results, they are vegan, never tested on animals and with zero toxic ingredients. You will not find any parabens, aluminum, talcum or synthetic perfumes on the ingredient list.

The sustainability part of the brand DNA is guaranteed by a short supply chain as all CORPUS suppliers are US based. Also, the packaging is done exclusively with recyclable elements and using mostly recycled materials. Something that seems hard to believe considering the great design the brand uses and the fact that the CORPUS green is custom made.

We can’t pick favorites and that says it all

Choosing a perfume is hard and so is choosing your favorite CORPUS deodorant. Sweet or fresh, strong or discreet, it all comes down to personal preferences. The good news is that all CORPUS deodorants are unisex and there are plenty of flavors to choose from and to pair with a complementary body wash.

Yes, yes, CORPUS also has a nice range of all natural body wash with different scents but very delicate with the skin. All so you can completely transform those little moments of self care into luxurious times of self love.

So, who’s ready for the new age of body care?

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