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Bodyologist: Treat Your Body As You Treat Your Face!

If we are to quote the nice people from Forbes Magazine, “Bodyologist honors scars, wrinkles and stretch marks, seeing them as beautiful parts of unique stories.” But Bodyologist is more than a story, it is a true philosophy of body care that teaches us about our duty to our skin, all our skin, not just the skin on our face.

Good things come from Denmark

Denmark sets the standard from a lot of points of view. Danes are some of the happiest people in the world. They gave us Lego, hygge and Hans Christian Andersen. They are eco-friendly, riding their bikes everywhere and their view on architecture always comes from a person's point of view, to help that person live the best life he or she can in an urban landscape. Last but not least, they have amazing skincare brands, one of them being Bodyologist. Vegan, sustainable and very transparent, Bodyologist is set to change the way people view body care.

The brand founders, Charlotte and Didde, have over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry. They were head buyers for one of the biggest stores in northern Europe and as such have seen and tested thousands of products. With so much experience came wisdom and the certainty that people need change. A total reset on how we see the skin of our body and how we take care of it. Our skin is our shield, our biggest organ and it is vital for our survival if we treat it right.

This conviction transformed into Bodyologist and its range of 100% vegan ingredients that are put into formulas that give extraordinary results. Their end goal was not to hide imperfections, but to give the body the best possible care using the best possible ingredients available on the market.

Transparency and sustainability

Bodyologist is one of the few brands that show total transparency when it comes to the ingredient list. For each and every product you can find the complete list of ingredients online, a full array of activities that include vitamin A and vitamin E, niacinamides and squalane. If we take into consideration only these examples it is understandable how Bodyologist can help the skin be more resilient against environmental factors.

Besides a full list of ingredients, Bodyologist also offers the curious the chance to take a look behind the scene, to all the research the brand experts have done to create the products and guarantee the results. If we add to all this the fact that all the brand packaging is 100% recyclable it is understandable why the Danish brand has become a trendsetter in a very short time, loved by both consumers and specialists alike and being featured in magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Harpers’s Bazaar etc.

The Bodyologist routine

It’s hard to pick favorites from Bodyologist because the product range is rather small and all of them are extraordinary. So instead we decided to give you a look on the best Bodyologist routine you could have and how it would help your skin on the long term.


All routines should start with the same basic step, cleansing, thus a Bodyologist routine should start with the Everyday Polisher Antioxidant Body Scrub. Highly delicate for a body scrub but equally effective, this product can be used on both dry and wet skin. Use it on dry skin when you want a deeper exfoliation or on wet skin if you prefer a lighter touch and enjoy the natural glow your skin gets afterwards.

The amazing results of the Everyday Polisher Antioxidant Body Scrub are due to its formula rich in natural ingredients, glycerine, vitamin E and antioxidants. With a neutral pH and a deeply hydrating effect, this scrub also protects the skin from free radicals and pollution without irritating it.

If you find yourself in the situation of having extremely sensitive skin and are reluctant to use the Everyday Polisher Antioxidant Body Scrub on a daily basis we recommend you alternate it with the Cream Cleanser Body Wash. This product is so much more than a shower gel, it is a rich body wash that is very delicate with the skin due to its natural ingredients and neutral pH. With each use, your skin will be refreshed and hydrated.


The second step in any body care routine is hydrating the skin. Here, Bodyologist has three extremely efficient formulas - a serum, a lotion and a moisturizer - that can be used on their own or together, all with amazing results.

Instant Booster Body Serum has the superpower of rejuvenating the skin due to the mix of glycerine, shea butter and vitamins. Used regularly, this serum makes the skin smoother, deeply hydrated and more firm.

With a very light texture, the Instant Booster Body Serum quickly penetrates the skin and actively improves its textures, fighting against the signs of aging. Even more, the niacinamides in the formula reduce transdermic water loss while vitamin E protects against free radicals and the willow bark (BHA) and the AHA acids stimulate cellular regeneration. So yes, the Instant Booster Body Serum does for your body exactly what an ultra performant serum does for your face and then some.

If you prefer body lotions, your Bodyologist routine should definitely include the Skin Drencher Super Charged Body Lotion. Highly nutritive and very delicate, this body lotion includes active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamides, squalane and algae extract, vitamine E, glycerine and shea butter. After applying the Skin Drencher Super Charged Body Lotion the skin is silky smooth, hydrated and protected from environmental factors.

We must close the holy trinity of Bodyologist hydration with the Night Glove Regenerating Body Cream. This moisturizer is richer than the serum and the body lotion but it has the same deeply hydrating effect. Its innovative formula saturates the skin with water and nutrients due to the potent mix of active ingredients including glycerine, shea butter, AHA acids, vitamin E and many, many more. All these make the Night Glove Regenerating Body Cream perfect for stimulating the skin’s natural collagen production and for fighting against pigmentation due to sun exposure.

As we’ve already mentioned, each of these three hydrating products can be used on its own but they give the absolute best results when used together. So if you want the best of the best for your body, use the serum as a first step for hydration. Then, in the warm summer days, use the Skin Drencher Super Charged Body Lotion on top. On the other hand, when you feel the need for extra pampering, top the serum with the Night Glove Regenerating Body Cream.

Don’t forget about the hands

As you probably know, the skin from your hands has special needs and dedicated products. The Bodyologist experts are certainly highly aware of this and have created two products that will make your hands smooth and beautiful: the Pure Hands Soap and the Soft Hands Cream.

The Pure Hands Soap is a liquid soap that will completely change the way you feel about washing your hands. It cleans deeply and has the remarkable power of actually neutralizing unwanted odors on the skin. Exactly like all other Bodyologist products, the Pure Hands Soap is full of active ingredients, including glycerine, vitamine E and antioxidants. All of these protect your hands against free radicals and other environmental factors.

The last step in our Bodyologist routine means more pampering for the hands and is based on the Soft Hands Cream, a deeply hydrating hand moisturizer. Luxurious due to the rich mix of natural ingredients (including almond oil), it leaves the hands soft and smooth while the vitamin A in the mix has a long term anti aging effect and reduces the pigmentation due to sun exposure.

Now that we’ve shared with you everything about the extraordinary power of the Bodyologist products, are you ready to upgrade your body care routine? 

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