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Furtuna Skin: The story of a promise

Stories can inspire. Promises can make dreams come true.

The truth is that words have power, sometimes even the power to change the world. So today, we will not tell you just a brand's story.
We will share the tale of a dream that became a reality and changed an entire community: the story of “bona Furtuna.”

The call of the ancestors

When Steve Luczo was a child, his Sicilian grandmother told him stories about Sicily, the island bathed in the waters of the Mediterranean where she had been born and where she dreamed of returning. Although he was just an eight-year-old boy, Steve promised his grandmother he would return to this fantastic land and recover what had belonged to his family for generations.
Thirty-five years later, Steve managed to keep his promise to his grandmother and traveled to Sicily.

Here he discovered the land and fell in love all over again. Thus he decided to buy the small piece of land where the foundation of his grandmother’s house was located and named the estate La Furtuna.
This was Steve’s way of paying tribute to his grandmother, who always wished him “bona Furtuna” or “good fortune.

Although the land is a fundamental part of Furtuna Skin, its story does not end here. Because the fantastic beauty brand that uses the riches of La Furtuna estate at full capacity is the embodiment of the vision and ideals of two women.
When Agatha met Kim

Agatha Luczo, Steve’s wife, has always been tied to the hip of the beauty industry mainly due to her career as an international model.
She has worked closely with skincare and makeup experts and tested a wide variety of products from many of the brands in the field.
As a result, she quickly realised how important skincare is and developed a simple but effective routine.

As for Kim Walls, we can easily say that she was born in the skincare industry.
Her father was the founder of Epicuren, and he encouraged his daughter to follow into his footsteps. So Kim became a true pioneer of clean beauty, developing her skills as an educator, aesthetician, nutritionist, and formulator.

The meeting between Agatha and Kim was fortuitous.
When they started talking about the biodiversity of the Sicilian estate, they realised its potential and created the brand that bears almost the same name, Furtuna Skin, as a reminder of their commitment to the land.
The founding principles

When they started their clean beauty brand, Agatha and Kim knew exactly where to look. Many of their products are based on their own needs and skincare routine.
They were convinced people should not be afraid to experiment with skincare products. Therefore, products should be highly adaptable and allow users to change their routines according to their needs.
Thus, Agatha and Kim set four guiding principles for all Furtuna Skin products:

1) High performance and purity like no other clean beauty product
2) Innovation through the mix of old knowledge sent down from generations and modern technology
3) A unique, luxurious experience without compromising efficacy
4) Pure organic ingredients that offer exceptional results, i.e., a glowing, transformed skin

The four founding principles that govern Furtuna Skin’s products are just some of what defines the brand as a whole.
Because the land was crucial from the beginning, two other values sit as pillars for Furtuna Skin, both of them born out of Steve’s desire to fulfil his promise in a manner that would make him feel proud.

First, the brand seeks to transform lives and the land, contributing to the local economy through job creation. This is crucial because Sicily is one of the poorest places in the world, with an unemployment rate of over 70%.
Second, one of the core objectives of the brand, is to ensure that the land and the plants will continue to prosper on the estate for generations to come.

The symbiosis of nature, its uniqueness, and the need for prosperity of the Sicilian community grew La Furtuna Estate into 864 acres of land, home to over 12.000 olive trees. These include a species of olive trees that were almost extinct.
Luckily, most of them were eventually saved by the work of the botanist hired by the Luczo family to study and overlook the enabled changes on the estate to ensure and preserve biodiversity. These included both wild plants and cultivated plants, considered heirlooms.

Sicily is a very particular case when it comes to biodiversity. The soil and environmental conditions found on La Furtuna Estate are perfect for breeding extremophytes. These plants come with unique qualities, hard to surpass in the natural world or laboratory. Since they grow in extreme conditions, the extremophyte plants are supercharged with nutrients and optimized for performance. They are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants and are the perfect ingredients for highly effective skincare products.

Considering all of the above, the uniqueness of its ingredients sets Furtuna Skin apart from other skincare brands. When used regularly, the Furtuna products make your skin healthier, reduce stress and ensure better penetration of the nutritive elements in the skin, leaving it glowing, softer, and looking younger.

You can learn more about the fantastic results and performance of all Furtuna Skin products in this article.
Check it out, and discover our favorite products from the brand. Enjoy!

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