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Innersense: Pure Clean Beauty

Everybody wants beautiful hair. Its one of the desires that women and men share. It’s one of the things we strive for. And we want it so bad that we tend to focus only on the destination and not the journey we take. The ingredients in the products we use come second to the results. Then we sit and wonder why they don’t do what they promised. If you’ve dealt with this problem at least once in your life it’s time to take a step back, return to nature and trust our inner sense.
This is exactly how the story of Innersense began.

Family, care, Innersense

Greg and Joanne could have been any old regular couple, but they are not. They are joined together by love, by their two children but also by their passion for hair care. For Greg, this passion ment a corporate job in big beauty. For Joanne, in more than two decades of working as a hairstylist.

Over the years, the two of them got to see two complementary sides of the same industry faced with many, many issues. From products that did not work to colleagues that developed health issues due to the toxins in the products. Still, it took a personal strategy for them to take a step back and redefine their life.

After their daughter was diagnosed with a very rare disease, they decided to take on a new path in their careers. They wanted to return to nature, to clean formulas, natural, organic and sustainable ingredients, to a better way of making the products they needed and loved. They wanted cleaner processes both for the products themselves and for the environment. And they wanted to educate the consumers and their fellow hair care specialists.

Yes, they were looking for a change, a fundamental change in an industry that did not see it necessary. No more hidden toxins in the products, no more cutting corners. For them, it was a new dawn in hair care and it changed the game.
Care for the ingredients, care for the process

People don’t usually pay a lot of attention to the hair care products they use. Mostly, they are interested in results. Those that are more conscious of the choices they make usually read the labels and can distinguish between the ingredients in the formulas. Still, it’s one thing to say that the product has natural ingredients and a completely different thing to be nature friendly.

Regardless, the first step for change in the beauty industry consists in choosing the best ingredients both for the consumer and for the planet. Therefore, Innersense has very strict rules that help them only use the best of the best for their products:

only natural, organic and sustainably grown ingredients. No added chemicals for better crops.
only certified sourcing from ethical farms
only natural processing of the ingredients (cold press, distillation). No added synthetic preservatives.
high concentration formulas for low water usage.

Ok, they are picky, but what do they actually use, you might ask. Well, some of their ingredients are well known: aloe vera, lots of oils (avocado, coconut, olive, palm etc), shea butter, lavender etc. But some are not exactly your conventional hair care ingredients. Here we have white vinegar, charcoal, rooibos, tamanu or white clay.

On the other hand, what Innersense never uses are toxic ingredients like phthalates, sulfates, parabens, propylenes, butilenes and you name it. They are also gluten and cruelty free. Fluffy animals don’t use hair care and the products you use should not be tested on them.

Love for the environment

Every step Innersense as a brand takes is motivated first and foremost by care for the environment. Something that affects us all and that most of us ignore completely. But for Innersense, there is no little step, just steps that need to be taken to make the world better and to help protect Mother Nature.

In this regard, Innersense is completely carbon neutral, as certified by Climate Neutral, an NGO that helps companies measure their carbon footprint. Furthermore, the company is part of “The New B Corp Beauty Coalition”, a world wide coalition of roughly 30 companies that fight for sustainability in the beauty industry.

Tell me what’s your hair like so I can tell you what to use

Purity and sustainability are essential for Innersense but so is efficacy. The brand has invested in real hair care rituals for dry hair, regular hair with oily tendencies and dyed hair and their products work. And this is not something that we say, it’s something that everyone says, from hair care experts to beauty magazines where they are mentioned and praised constantly.

For example, New Beauty Awards named the Hydrating Cream Conditioner the best wash off conditioner of 2022. For smooth and healthy hair, apply it daily. True Enlightenment Scalp Scub was deemed the best scalp scrub by Shape Beauty Awards in 2021. Goop called the Color Radiance Daily Conditioner one of their favorite products for color treated hair. And the list could go on.

Of course, based on Joanne’s expertise, Innersense developed a wide range of styling products treated with the same care for ingredients and sustainability as all of the brand’s formulas. But in the Innersense book there is a special place for curly hair because both of Greg and Joanne’s children have amazing curly hair. Maybe they put a little extra in this line because even ELLE agreed that the Quiet Calm Curl Control is one of the best products for curly hair in the world. So you should definitely try it if you want to fall in love with your curls again.

Taking care of your hair is not easy but it can be. All you have to do is keep an open mind and gather all the data before you make the purchase and start your routine. Read the labels (we have detailed descriptions and tutorials for all Innersense products) and trust your Innersense.

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