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Macrene Actives: the perfect mix of natural ingredients, science and results

Everything you need to know about Macrene Alexiades

Skincare is constantly evolving and the scale is tipping more and more towards clean, natural ingredients that offer great results. Under these circumstances, brands, old and new, are offering clean options while trying to stay on top of the trends. Still, to be remarkable you have to innovate and Macrene Actives is doing just that by using not just any type of science to create their products, but Nobel prize winning DNA repair research.

The founder of Macrene Actives is none other than Macrene Alexiades, world renowned dermatologist, scientist, pioneer and authority in the field of beauty. She has gained her fame mostly through her work with lasers and injectables in her Manhattan Upper East Side practice. Here she figured out exactly what the modern woman needs while treating regular patients and celebrities alike.

Nevertheless, her work in the field of beauty goes beyond her practice. Her authority is built on years and years of study and research that include a BA, MD and PhD in Genetics at Harvard University but also on her work for medical publications such as the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology and her own book, a Bible in its field, Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery.

Thus, the fact that she is often being sought as a consultant by federal authorities and pharmaceutical companies comes as no surprise. On the other hand, what might be surprising is the fact that despite her surgical training and background, doctor Alexiades is a strong believer in the idea that the effects of aging and the negative effects of the environment on the skin can be reversed without surgery. How? By simply using the active power of nature.

The science behind the brand:

As previously mentioned in this article, the Macrene Actives products are based on extensive DNA research that has been awarded the Nobel prize in 2015. To this research, doctor Alexiades has added her own revolutionary groundwork regarding the use of active ingredients in plants, coming from both land and sea. According to her, “if we can stimulate self repair of the cells using DNA, we ensure optimal health for our skin and protection from factors that cause aging and cancer.”

To demonstrate the high potency of the ingredients used by her brand, doctor Alexiades has done numerous clinical studies that show how Macrene Actives products diminish fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation all while optimizing skin texture and elasticity.

Doctor Alexiades’ legacy

Macrene Actives is clean, green, vegan and cruelty free with impeccable standards when it comes to ingredients. From coffee seeds to red algae, each ingredient that goes into the Macrene formulas is sustainably sourced, non toxic and may even be harvested from doctor Alexiades’ own organic farm in Rhinebeck, New York. As for formulation, this is done in house, in her own lab, by a specialized team of chemists that have one goal in mind (turned brand mission): to delay the aging process and make invasive cosmetic procedures obsolete.

For Macrene Alexiades, her work is both her legacy and her contribution to the field of clean beauty. She knows that by identifying new active ingredients she is tapping into a true gold mine that will change performance based skincare forever. And to ensure the continuation of her legacy, 10% of her brand's profit is directed towards one of three endeavors that are close to her heart: charity, education (i.e. research grants at Harvard University) or environmental protectio

Certified results

Offering amazing results is one of the core pillars at Macrene Actives and clinical studies have shown that their product range is one of the most efficient in the market. More precisely, doctor Alexiades has designed a skincare regimen based on skin type and specific needs that contains a limited number of products while offering results.

Nevertheless, Macrene Actives products have been created for daily use and work wonders when used regularly. Each product is rich in over 50 active ingredients and it works towards preventing the effects of aging, restoring skin health and treating specific problems. Each product comes with a boost of skin vitality, helps with DNA repair, is highly antioxidant and fortifies the natural skin moisturizing barrier.

Yes, (The products are so complex that we could go in depth and write an article for each one of them) each product is so complex that we need to move the conversation and go in depth so you have to read the exclusive article on Macrene Actives products that you can find right here. Happy research!

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