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Natalie's Cosmetics: Active skincare for your body

When you say beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is a perfect smile, beautiful features, rich, luxurious hair, and only then the body, mainly as a shape and not as a whole. Luckily, some people are entirely aware of how important the skin on our body is as it covers 95% of the total surface of a human being, making it our biggest organ. One of these people is doctor Natalie Lindner, founder of Natalie's Cosmetics, a beauty brand that took on the challenge of completely changing everything we think we know about taking care of our bodies.

Who is doctor Natalie Lindner?

Born and raised in Munchen, Germany, Natalie Lindner has been a self-proclaimed skincare junkie since she was 15. Her passion for taking care of the skin prompted her to go to medical school, where she specialized in dermatology. Still, during her studies, the traditional medical way of dealing with dermatological problems always seemed very restricted to her. Mainly because she had suffered from keratosis pilaris for several years, and none of the treatments the doctors had prescribed had a long-term result.

Dr. Natalie Lindner & Natalie's Skincare

Keratosis pilaris is a benign skin condition that causes dry patches and red dots on the skin surface. It is prevalent but hard to treat despite the existence of cortisone-filled creams, usually prescribed to tackle this problem. While trying to find a solution for her condition, dr. Lindner concluded that better body care products could help keep her skin in check and solve her skin problems.

Unfortunately, nothing available on the market came close to the requirements or the results Natalie was looking for. Then, at only 25 years old, she decided to work hard and find the solutions she (and millions of others) needed. With the help of her boyfriend (and now business partner), Natalie Lindner started the first body care brand that would reach the quality standards set by face care brands for years and years now. She said goodbye to lotions that only smelled nice and said hello to a lot of work and testing so that her dream could come to life.

How to treat skin conditions using body care

Highly aware that skin problems do not stop where your face ends, dr. Natalie Lindner developed formulas for specific skin problems such as keratosis pilaris. As a result, each one of her products is designed to treat a particular skin issue that one might experience. The secret of their success lies in the potent active ingredients used in the formulas. These ingredients are mainly found in face care products: hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C, BHA, AHA, niacinamide, arnica, calendula and many other. 

With such an impressive list of powerful ingredients, it’s no surprise that beauty experts and beauty magazines love Natalie's Cosmetics. The products are constantly mentioned in Harper’s Bazaar, Freundin, Bunte, InStyle, and other glossy publications and blogs, a clear sign that the body care industry has moved to the next level with the rise of the brand.

But why is it important to treat our body skin care routine similarly to our face skincare routine? Well, as we said, it is our biggest organ and completely protects us from the outside world. Therefore, the skin is essential for detox and temperature regulation, and using the right products helps it stay healthy and helps us treat conditions that we most likely choose to ignore.

A luxury experience that treats medical conditions

Yes, we are fully aware of how amazing this sounds. Still, clinical trials have proven that Natalie's products can treat medical problems, all while looking as glam as any other luxury product. We mentioned the active ingredients, but how about the other things that make these products unique, such as formulas and ethos? First, they are 100% vegan, organic, and hypoallergenic. Second, they are not tested on animals or contain allergens, parabens, PEGs, mineral oils, SLS, silicone, dyes, or fillers. Last but not least, let’s talk about the aroma. Natalie's products have the most delicate scent due to the exclusive non-allergenic perfumes used for the formulas.

In the age of social media, the visual of the brand had to reach the same standards as the products. This does not mean sustainability was not put first. The packaging is super instagrammable and made of recycled and recyclable materials and glass. Also, the entire production process is done in Germany.

Are we superfans of Natalie's Cosmetics? Of course! How could we not be when they create magic products?

To help you guide Natalie's world, we created a little guide to answer all your questions about the products. Read our article "All you need to know about Natalie's products" and let us know which product you need right now.

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