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Nuori Skincare: In freshness we trust

Is it possible to find a product that is both result driven and so fresh that it could never be sold after spending 30 months on the shelf?
Jasmi Bonnen thought so and, relying on her vast experience in the skincare industry, decided to launch her own brand în 2015 which she named NUORI.
The idea behind the Danish brand was revolutionary, but the results showed it worked.
NUORI proved to everyone in the beauty business that freshness can come before anything else.

The butterfly effect

Years of experience in the business have shown Jasmi Bonnen the main problem with mass market skin care products: they spend too much time on the shelves and the ingredients simply lose their potency. With this in mind, Jasmi started working on a solution with help from experts in the field. So she developed products rich in bio active ingredients, with no toxic preservatives and very little shelf life but with amazing results. 

Preparing 100% natural formulas was not easy. Still, all NUORI products stay true to this vision from day one. As to the freshness factor, this was a little bit tricker to solve but not imposible. 

Jasmi Bonnen, founder of Nuori Skincare

The NUORI secret

How did Jasmi do it? Well by creating all of her products in very limited batches, once every 10 to 12 weeks. This way, all the ingredients are at full capacity and deliver 100% the expected results. And the people went crazy. All over the world, beauty gurus, beauty clinics, magazines and millions of people started paying attention to the brand. 

”Potent ingredients with peak levels of nutrients. At the movement's forefront is NUORI.” (The Wall Street Journal)

”Scandinavian miracle skin elixir: NUORI's highly potent skin and body care.” (Vogue)

”My Holy Grail. It is out of this world good.” (InStyle)

Ok, they talk the talk, but how can we be sure that the products are actually that fresh, you might ask? Well, everything is written black on white on each package. There you can see the batch number and the expiration date. And rest assured, the people at NUORI are always checking in with retailers to make sure that only the freshest products are available.

The Supreme Line, Nuori Skincare

Freshness for everyone

When it comes to the types of products available, NUORi is one of the most inclusive brands out there. They deal with most of the common skin problems for both women and men. Are you dealing with sensitive skin? NUORI has developed The Protect Plus cleanser and moisturizer to help you with your condition. Is your skin prone to outburst and acne? The Clarity Mask and treatment will do wonders for you. Are you into UV protection (as you SHOULD BE)? MINERAL DEFENCE is just what the doctor ordered. 

Of course, as every mother has a favorite, NUORI has a line that everyone loves: VITAL. This line works for everyone. It is the best of the best at a very fair price and it includes the necessary products for any typical skincare routine (the Vital Foaming Cleanser, the Vital Repair Serum, the Vital Facial Cream and the Vital Eye Cream) and more. The Vital Line also includes the Vital Unifier, which is magnificent for any complexion, but also products for the body like the Vital Body Balm, the Perfecting Body Oil or the Vital Hand Cream. 

With its SUPREME line NUORI took things one step further. Way more specialized, SUPREME deals with specific skin problems and is rich in masks and treatments like the Supreme Moisture Mask, the Supreme Polishing Treatment and the Supreme C Serum Treatment, to name a few. 

Last but not least we have to mention the INFINITY line. This line is technology based, relying on patented technologies such as systenolA and novhyal which is basically a new type of hyaluronic acid. We know, mind blowing. As you would expect, INIFITY was made for anti-aging. That is why it is loaded with ingredients such as ceramides, vitamin B and glicolic acid. Also, INFINITY is the natural alternative to luxury anti-aging lines and customers love it. 

The Infinity Line, Nuori Skincare

Our favorites:

We don't like NUORI, we love it. How could we not when they do exactly what they promise: mix freshness with amazing results. Still, there are some products from NUORI that we love a little bit more than others so if today is the day you decide to give the brand a try, here is what you should start with:

If you are looking for better, smoother skin with no more sports, the Supreme C Serum Treatment is the product for you. This unique serum comes with two ingredients that you will be mixing together the day you start using it and one of them is 100% pure vitamin C powder. With its antioxidant power, the Supreme C Serum Treatment will show results in no time.

If you are dealing with sensitive skin, you should definitely try the Vital Repair Serum. It is highly moisturizing and has a beautiful calming effect due to the ingredients which neutralize the free radicals resulting from exposure to the sun.

For scars, sports, discoloration and inflammation the Clarity SPOT Treatment is spot on due to its formula based on glycolic and lactic  acids, niacinamides, rosemary and thyme oil.

The Vital Foaming Cleanser is a bestseller so you should definitely check out what is going on there.

As for the eye area, the Vital Eye Cream is heaven.

Are you still here? Because we could talk about NUORI for hours (as you might have noticed). Don't worry, we are putting the breaks on because we made our point: super fresh skincare is an actual option on the market and it can be yours now. Check out all our NUORI products right here

Are you ready for this new age of skincare?

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