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Oskia: healthy skin is beautiful skin

We all want beautiful skin. We strive for it while trying to navigate the complex world that is today’s beauty industry. But what if beautiful skin should not be the goal, but a side effect of a healthy body? Georgie Cleeve was not a skincare enthusiast whatsoever but by accident she discovered that by taking care of her body she could completely change her complexion. After this revelation, the path was set and Oskia was born.

Who is Georgie Cleeve?

Georgie Cleeve was a food journalist with bad knees due to a skiing accident at a young age. Her interest in skincare was the same as mine and yours until she started treating her knee condition with MSM, a wonder mineral that was used by her father as a supplement for race horses. What do race horses have in common with skincare? Well… MSM a.k.a. The Beauty Mineral (a natural form of organic sulfur that can boost collagen production. MSM did wonders for her knees, but also, surprisingly, with her acne and eczema. 

While contemplating the anti-inflammatory magic of MSM on her skin, not only her joints, Georgie decided to change her career path completely. She started training in the field of dermatology, but also in physiology and nutrition, keen on the idea that a healthy lifestyle can change the way your skin looks. 
And she was right!


The age of bio nutritional technology

Many brands talk about the skin nutrients used in their formulas but our skin is not like our stomach, it can not process nutrients in their natural form. Therefore, Georgie decided she needed to step it up. It took 3 years to get from this idea to launching Oskia. 3 years of research and revolutionary technology that made possible for Oskia products to deliver excellent results.

The revolutionary technology in question is bio nutritional technology, a unique way of enhancing the performance of the nutrients in Oskia formulas. The researchers use patented technologies of micro encapsulation, fermentation and liposome delivery systems to make sure that each nutrient and active used for Oskia products is 100% effective. And they are. 

The more than 170 international beauty awards that Oskia has gotten over the years are proof that the brand does not joke around. The Sunday Times, Beauty Bible, The Editor’s Choice are just some of the beauty gurus that stand by Oskia and acknowledge the unique results of the brand. Furthermore, each year the brand is present in Caroline Hiron’s Hall of Fame which is saying a lot in itself.

The ingredients

Even though Georgie’s story starts with MSM, Oskia is not a one time wonder. The brand uses MSM as a basis for all its formulas, from cosmetics to supplements, but also a wide range of minerals, vitamins, proteins and essential fatty acids in bio-available form. Bio-available what? In translation, the ingredients used for all Oskia products are improved so that they can penetrate the skin at deeper levels and that they are more effective on a cellular level. And the results show exactly how effective this approach is. 

When it comes to sourcing, Oskia ingredients are pure, naturally derived and sustainable because they use bio-identical molecules which are way more eco-friendly. Also, you will not find alcohol, SLS’s, Propylene Glycol, silicon or any other toxic ingredients on any Oskia ingredient list and none of the products are tested on animals. 

If you are new to the brand, these are the products to try:

Oskia offers a wide range of products for all types of conditions, some of them made famous by beauty gurus that love them. Still, even the ones that you are just hearing about are worth checking out because even the most posh celebrity spas in the UK use them and, as we’ve said before and are not afraid of repeating, they work.

So, dear newcomer to the world of Oskia, here are our favorites:

The Renaissance Cleanser, the world’s first gel to oil cleanser, which has the most amazing texture and is also one of Lisa Eldrige’s favorite products ever.

The Citylife Antioxidant Booster, a one of a kind product that turns free radicals and toxins into water, making it the perfect sidekick in the fight against aging caused by pollution. The only thing is that it does not mix well with vitamin C or other acids so make sure to read all about it before starting to use it.

The Liquid Mask is A-MAZING. It’s kind of a 2 in 1 product rich in lactic acid that can be used both as a mask and as an overnight serum.

The Super 16 Serum, as the name so straight forward mentions, is a super serum with 16 anti aging ingredients that works wonders both for preventing and for dealing with age related skin conditions.

Of course, the MSM Bio Plus Capsules are the bomb. They are a supercharger for your skin due to the high concentration of MSM that supports collagen, keratin and glutathione production. Or, in plain English, they help with acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

And the list could go on because Oskia has a lot of products but it’s best if we stop here and encourage you to check out all Oskia products available on We’re pretty sure you will find the perfect one for you.

And if you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you right away.

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