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Rahua: The Amazonian Recipy for Healthy Hair

All that we need for a healthy life can be found in nature but it is our responsibility to make sure that someone is taking care of nature. While more and more beauty brands are taking steps toward sustainability for a cleaner, healthier future, Rahua is years ahead with cult products and an ethical approach towards the ingredients it uses.

 What is their recipe for success? You take an environmentalist couple that works in the beauty industry, you send them to volunteer in the rainforest, you add a secret ingredient to the mix, made for generations by the members of the Quechua-Shuar tribe and you completely transform the hair of millions of people around the world while calling it a regular Tuesday,

 A hairstylist with a passion for the environment

 Born and raised in Ecuador, Fabian Lliguin was never your typical New York City hairstylist. His passion and talent for fair brought him success but did not make him forget his roots or his passion for the environment. He continued to travel the Amazon trying to help the people living here protect their ancestral lands and lifestyle. It was during one of his travels that he realized how beautiful the hair of the women living here was. With nothing of the modern wonders of hair care, they all had beautiful, healthy, shiny, long hair.

 Naturally, he became curious and began to wonder how this was possible. This is when he first heard about the rahua oil. The women were so thankful and willing to help that they gave him a small bottle of their magical oil as a souvenir. Back in his salon, Fabian decided to try out the oil on one of his clients. She was dealing with severely dry and damaged hair and after applying the rahua oil Fabian could not believe his eyes. Her hair was completely transformed, looking healthy and lustrous.

 With such amazing results, Fabian took to his wife and business partner, Anna Ayers, to help him build a new brand. One that would stand for both beauty and nature. And that is how Rahua was born în 2008.

 Rahua Oil and more wonders of the Amazon

 Rahua Oil is named after a rare species of nut that only grows in the Amazon rainforest. This amazing oil is a very effective treatment for very damaged, dry hair due to its small molecular structure that penetrates deep inside the hair, repairing the cortex and smoothing the cuticle. As a result, the hair is stronger, healthier and looking more luxurious than ever.

 One thing that we must always keep in mind is the fact that everything we use for our haircare and our skincare goes into our body. Therefore we need to be very careful how the products we choose are made and what kind of ingredients they have. Unlike other hair care products, Rahua formulas only include organic ingredients or plant derived ingredients like the Morete oil or the Sacha Inchi oil which complement the rahua oil. Furthermore, all Rahua products are vegan, cruelty free, without any parabens or sulfates and gluten free. As for the amazing scent of the products, it is also natural due to the exotic Palo Santo oil.

 Completely transforming your hair can be as simple as pie. Just try using Rahua products on a daily basis and be awed by the difference. Your new, clean, shiny, smooth, healthy hair will thank you and everyone will want to know your secret.

 Still, we have yet to reveal the truly amazing part about Rahua ingredients. Due to the fact that the core principle of the brand is sustainability, Rahua has patented symbiotic ingredients, i.e. ingredients that are only grown in the wild in virgin rainforest. They have to be handpicked by members of the indigenous tribes and prepared according to traditional amazonian formulas by them. Moreso, the acquisition price has to be fair to the people and help the communities maintain their traditional lifestyle while boosting the local economy.

 Taking steps for a better tomorrow

 As you have discovered, Rahua is more than a hair care brand. Through his business, Fabian managed to keep the same production process of the Rahua oil that the Quechua Shuar tribe has used for centuries. Also, he integrated other local products in his formulas and is responsible for the wellbeing of over 500 families that have found employment due to Rahua.

 On the other hand, Rahua has taken definitive steps for the protection of over 150.000 acres of virgin rainforest with the help of the Amazonian Rainforest Preservation. That is over 750.000 tones of CO2 that is recycled by the forest which makes Rahua beyond carbon neutral.

 Last, but not least, 10% of all sales of the Enchanted Island collection are directed toward the preservation and protection of the coastline of the Galapagos Islands. Of course, all Rahua ingredients are clean and non toxic (no damage to the body or to the waters) and come in a very high concentration which means better results with less product used. As for the packaging, it is all reciclable, reusable and some are even refillable.

 And now, time for the main event: THE PRODUCTS

 Our favorite Rahua products and why

 All Rahua products start from the Rahua oil but each collection was designed to cover a specific need and has a specific formula. For example, the Classic Collection covers the basic needs of each type of hair and everyone loves it.

 Voluminous, as you might imagine, tackles the problem of flat hair, lifeless, with no volume whatsoever. The results are above and beyond and keep in mind that we are talking about a clean product here. No artificial mumbo jumbo to plump the hair.

 If your hair is damaged and extremely dry, Hydration is just what the doctor ordered. As for the Enchanted Collection, it is in full bloom but until all products on the line are released you have to try the salt spray. The biotin in the formula works wonders when it comes to strengthening the hair.

 When it comes to more specialized treatments, Rahua offers two amazing masks: the Omega Mask and the Founder’s Blend. Quick tip, for results beyond your wildest dreams you have to use them together: first apply the Founder’s Blend on the scalp (we recommend you do this at night) and then Omega on the rest of the hair. In the morning just rinse, dry your hair and enjoy the sensation. You are welcomed.

 Ok, we got a little carried away so let’s quickly go over everything else you need to try. There are the leave-in products that also work wonders. Both Hydration, the Leave in Balm and the Leave In light can be used on the length of the hair or just the tips. And during the summer the Hydration spray is a must especially for pool days or holidays at the sea (or the mountains). It offers UV protection so please apply it before exposure and also at the end of the day for a quick boost.

 We can’t finish the article before mentioning the styling products. The hair spray is simply impeccable. It’s hard to believe that a clean formula can do a better job than top players in the hair styling game but it is true. Just try one of them and you will never go back to “traditional” products ever.

 So, how will you start your hair transformation?

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