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For years I struggled with my skin, and after trying countless products, I can honestly say that my skin has never looked or felt better. Healthy and hydrated with a natural fresh glow.

Victoria Beckham Celebrity, Founder of VB

It's the wow-effect in a bottle - and you are just using one cream! Perfect hydration and luxury for your skin.

Carin Hellman Beauty Editor, ELLE

The Blue Bottle That Changed The Skin Care Industry

All skincare brands have their own story that usually comes from a very real skincare problem that is in need of a solution. Still, the story of Augustinus Bader is not what you might call common. Dr. Augustinus Bader began his journey while trying to find the best treatments for burn victims. Through his research, Dr Bader came across a very effective way of dealing with skincare problems that quickly became a true phenomenon and changed the skincare industry forever.

Who is Augustinus Bader?

Augustinus Bader is the lead researcher in stem cells at Leipzig University. His work had made him world renowned before he became a skincare guru because, for over 30 years, he has dedicated his life to finding noninvasive methods of treating all sorts of scars. Basically, Dr. Bader was trying to find a way of helping the skin heal from within using dormant cells. 
All his hard work paid off and in 2008 Dr Bader developed a wonder gel that can heal burns and scars without any need of operations or skin grafts. This proves to be a great success, but, as life would have it, the research stalls and Dr. Bader meets the man that turns his attention towards skincare. Although it was not his first field of interest, Augustinus Bader charges the new challenge head on and develops TFC8, a revolutionary complex of aminoacids, vitamins and peptides with the unique ability of activating cellular regeneration from within. 

Dr. Augustinus Bader

TFC8: The Wonder Compound

TFC8 a.k.a. Trigger Factor Complex is truly a wonder compound, extremely versatile, the cornerstone of all Augustinus Bader skincare products. It is so important because it helps skin become the best it can be by tapping into its own genetic code. What does this mean? That each product Augustinus Bader becomes personal to its user and helps his or her skin in a unique way. Of course, the results are similar to all users: a deeply hydrated skin, highly protected by environmental factors. What differs is the process because TFC8 triggers the regeneration of damaged skin cells particular to each user.

But wait, there is more. TFC8 has a second essential role in the skincare formulas. It helps other nutrients to reach precise cells that are in need of work. So TFC8 is more than a wonder compound, it is a unique tool that Augustinus Bader customers can use to help them get their best skin ever for a very long time. 

The Cream & The Rich Cream: 2 revolutionary products

There are very few skincare enthusiasts that haven’t heard about The Cream & The Rich Cream, the two Augustinus Bader products that are worth more than an entire skincare routine based on other products. They came on the market in 2018 and in no time became must have products for superstars, models, beauty editors and beauty bloggers.
Both The Cream & The Rich Cream are highly hydrating products with TFC8 as the main component. What sets them apart are the texture and the ingredients. The Cream is light, refreshing, more like a serum while The Rich Cream is denser, created for people with very dry skin. Still, the use of either one of them leaves the skin looking younger, with less wrinkles, less hyperpigmentation and a very good hydration barrier. 

When it comes to the ingredients, The Cream builds from TFC8 a strong formula rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin B5. The result is deep hydration, no age marks, elasticity and radiance, a skin that smiles from the inside out. 

Meanwhile, The Rich Cream has all the ingredients that dry skin needs: primrose oil, squalane and vitamin E. So if you use it daily your dry skin will start looking healthier, younger, more radiant and with a high resistance to environmental damage. 

Augustinus Bader

The Age of Smart Skincare

After The Cream and The Rich Cream became such hits the Augustinus Bader teams took things a step further and started working on new products that would solve specific problems of their users. Their efforts paid off and now the brand offers a wide range of skincare products, each enriched with the TFC8 compound: powerful cleansers, body care, oils, lip balms. 

 The Cleansing Balm is definitely not your regular cleanser. It comes as a solid balm that melts on the skin while cleansing it deeply of dirt and makeup. The Essence, "miraculous water", as they call it, is deeply hydrating, purifying and exfoliating the skin. Let’s not forget about The Body Cream because skin is the biggest organ of our body and we have to take care of it from head to toe. The Body Cream treats cellulitis, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation leaving the skin smooth and extra soft. You will love it! 

Augustinus Bader and the future

After the worldwide success of his skincare brand Dr. Bader also returned to his initial research thus becoming the embodiment of his brand’s philosophy: working for a better future.
Is the future better with Augustinus Bader? We dare to say so due to the highly sustainable politics that the brand applies to all it’s suppliers, from ingredients to packaging but also due to the efficiency of the products.

Did you already try Augustinus Bader? Which product and how was it for you? Come join the conversation.


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