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This is Odacité Mo+P. This is the serum for very, very dry skin. This is a new bottle because I go through this quickly.

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Inspired by the magic of French skincare, Odacité is by far one of the best organic skincare brands in the industry and consistently debuts amazingly pure and effective products. A melding of French luxury and the green and clean philosophy of California living, the brand makes it hard to pick a favorite, but I'm very devoted (as are many celebs!) to adding a few of these nutrient-rich drops into my favorite serums, moisturizers, and masks. The customizability factor is ingenious and boundless! 

Erin Jahns Beauty Editor WWW

The realm of personalized skincare: Odacité

They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and this was exactly the case of Odacité founder, Valerie Grandury. Diagnosed with breast cancer, Valerie, a Parisian living in LA, knew that to save her life she needed to change it completely. 
So she quit her job and went back to school to train as a health and wellness coach. Then she decided she needed to remove all toxins from her life which was easier said than done but the exact nudge she needed to start Odacité.

The audacity

While on the hunt for skincare proper for her new lifestyle, Valerie came to the conclusion that she couldn’t find what she was looking for on the market. She wanted something that had amazing results, but also pure ingredients and she wouldn’t settle for less. 
Valerie took matters into her own hands and started making her own personalized skincare products. She created products for herself but also for others. Word spread fast and people started to pay attention. It’s not often that you get the perfect mix of french skincare and green LA living. 
Of course, getting into the skincare business with such a particular type of product took a lot of courage and that is why Valerie decided to name her brand Odacité, French for Audacity. 

Valerie, the founder of Odacité

What makes Odacité so special?

There are two things that Valerie did from the beginning that make Odacité one of a kind. First, there is the way that the products are formulated: they are highly customisable thanks to their Serum Concentrates. Basically, Odacité does not have the perfect ingredients for A skincare routine but the perfect pieces to create YOUR OWN personalized skincare routine. And the results are so amazing that sometimes, just sometimes, products that were custom made for a certain person become part of the private collection and are available to all clients. 

The coolest example in this case is A spring in Tokyo, the serum that was initially created for a Japanese kabuki artist that was dealing with acne and premature aging. The results were so spectacular that A spring in Tokyo was included in the private collection and is now one of Odacité clients favorite.
Odiacité's Private Collection

The second element that sets Odacité apart in the beauty industry is the ingredient sourcing. A lot of brands talk about clean ingredients and have embarked on the sustainability train. But it is one thing to talk the talk and a very different thing to actually walk the walk and Odacité is doing way more than that. 
All ingredients used for the Odacité formulas are chosen on 3 criteria: potency, freshness and purity.
Odacité researchers look only for the best and most nutritious plants and take them from their exact native part of the world. Furthermore, the plants are hand picked from places with no pollution, either in the wild or from organic farms and gardens. Odacité is green and proud all the way. 

Yes, they don’t test on animals either. We needed to say it just in case you were wondering. And no, they never ever ever use any type of fillers, preservatives, parabens or any other type of toxic ingredient that usually appears on skincare labels.

Last but not least, for Odacité, freshness is a governing principle. The products in The Fresh collection are so fresh that they are formulated only the exact day that they are ordered. That’s why they are available exclusively in the USA, the homeland of Odacité. The products in the Private Collection and those in the Pure Elements Collection are also created with freshness in mind. Available worldwide, they are made on a daily basis, in very small batches, in the Odacité California lab.
Serum Concentrates, Ac+R, Pa+G, CaR

Our favorites

Odacité is a beloved brand among our team. Ana-Maria Savin, the founder of Savin’Skin, could talk for hours about these products that you can mix and match, so we asked her which are her favorites and why. Here’s what she had to say:
“The trick with Odacité is that the products are super clean and have amazing formulas. I just love the BI+C (on its own as a spot treatment and combined with Oleosomes face cream) because it did wonders for me while I was dealing with acne. The CaR is also an amazing product which leaves the skin looking healthy and with this gorgeous glow that you have to see to believe. 
Of course I absolutely adore the Oleosomes. It’s the perfect moisturizer and it goes so well as a basis for the Odacite serums. And one of my absolute favorite products of all times is the Montana Harvest Oil. I think I can safely say it is one of the best oil based cleanser I have ever used.”
Montana Harvest Oil
Montana Harvest Oil

Passion for the products created is not a must in the beauty industry but when it is there the results are amazing. Still, you don’t have to take our word for it. Try Odacité for yourself and let the freshness enchant you. 

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