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Venn Skincare: The Convergence Between Science And Nature

Usually when you say Korean skincare you say a looooot of products. But Venn Skincare is the exact opposite although it’s founder, Brian Oh, is Korean. How did he make the switch? Easier than you might think.

When one man’s need becomes his motivation

Brian Oh was an attorney with a passion for skincare. It was something innate due to his Korean heritage. But the life of an attorney in New York city leaves very little room for skincare. So Brian had a problem. He needed a simpler way of taking care of his skin. The smallest number of products with the best results. So when a chemist with over 20 years of experience approached him and offered to help him find a solution to his needs, Brian left the books and dived into the fascinating world of cosmetics.

The Venn Skincare philosophy

Just like the Venn-Euler diagram that inspired the name of the brand, Venn Skincare is all about products that are science based, clean and perfect for the fast modern lifestyle. The science behind every product is complex and it is sufficient to say that a lot of very smart people have worked on developing the technology required to create the Venn Skincare products.

They wanted a lot of benefits with very little effort and they got it. The secret however lies in the mix of carefully picked ingredients with patented technology that has been checked and double checked through numerous clinical trials. The ingredients are clean, the trials are cruelty free, the products are high end, no parabens, no perfumes, no silicones, basically nothing toxic. Everything about Venn revolves around respect for the users and the environment.

The power of technology

Can technology change the game when it comes to skincare? Venn has proven that it can. The research team at Venn Skincare has developed and patented 3 different types of technology that completely changes the way that ingredients can be used in skincare formulas.

The solubilization technology makes it possible for the Venn researchers to use ingredients that are basically insoluble in water or in oil. The concentric delivery technology carries the active ingredients deep inside the skin while the hydration technology improves the skin’s hydration barrier. By developing these key technologies, the Venn researchers opened up a whole new world of ingredients.

Ingredients of the future

Two of the revolutionary ingredients used in Venn Skincare products are Compound K and Mastic Gum. Compound K is a bioactive element found in ginseng that helps with the collagen synthesis and treats the first signs of aging: dry skin, hyperpigmentation, sunburn, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness.

Why haven’t I heard before of this magical ingredient, you might ask? Well because before Venn, it was impossible to use it as Compound K is insoluble in water or oil. Only due to the use of the Venn solubilization technology can the researchers at Venn tap into its full potential, anti oxidizing power that is 10 times greater than that of vitamin C, the best known and most used antioxidant on the market.

Mastic Gum or the Tear of the goddess is another amazing ingredient that is insoluble in water and, therefore, impossible to use without the Venn solubilization technology. It has amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers and is now used in high concentrations for Venn products.

Venn and the skin microbiome

If the term microbiome is new, here is a simple definition: the skin microbiome is an ecosystem of microorganisms living on the surface of our skin. Before you decide to shower more often to get rid of them you should know that they are there to protect the skin from environmental factors. More so, the microbiome is highly sensitive and influenced by age.

The research team at Venn Skincare has studied the microbiome deeply and has developed all of the Venn products to help keep it balanced using a combination of probiotics and prebiotics. The result is healthier, better looking skin if the products are used according to the exact specifications of the brand.

So, is Venn for everyone?

Definitely yes! Venn products have proven highly efficient for both women and men. They are highly potent and can successfully replace any basic skincare routine (toner, serum, moisturizer) which makes them perfect for busy people that still want to take care of their skin. If you get home late and drink your morning coffee always on the go, you should definitely check them out.

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