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Irene Forte: The Spa Experience

With a clear vision that combines both nature and science and a research director with over 35 years of experience, Irene Forte Skincare is the embodiment of everything the skincare industry has best when it comes to the welfare of both the consumer and the environment. How does it do it? With respect and love for the roots of its founder, a lot of hard work and dedication from the research team and the best ingredients possible.

Who is Irene Forte?

Irene Forte is a visionary with a holistic approach to beauty, refined as a wellness consultant for Rocco Forte Hotels and as a member of the counseling committee for the Global Wellness Summit. From experience she learned that her brand is not an island but a small part in a big system composed of individuals, organizations and the environment. This is the main reason why at Irene Forte Skincare every day is Earth Day, as Irene says time and time again. It is also the reason why both the products and the production are as sustainable as possible.

How did Irene become so passionate about nature? The answer might be genetics. Irene Forte is Sicilian by root and although she did not grow in Sicily she always felt drawn by the Mediterranean island. So in 2003, when she first visited, she fell utterly in love with the land, the people and the abundance of wildlife here.

We can safely say that she left her heart in Sicily and that is why, in 2009, she spent a whole year on the island at the recently opened Verdura Resort. In time, the organic farm became more than a side project for her. It turned into the main supplier of ingredients for Irene Forte Skincare. But we are getting ahead of the story.

From the Sicilian sun straight to the wellness experts

Unfortunately, in 2014 the products she desired were nowhere to be found. Everything available was either full of allergy prone essential oils or completely odorless. The first was not an option because Irene Forte wanted to provide the best services to all skin types, including sensitive skin while the latter were definitely no option because aromatherapy is essential in spas. What is a luxury spa experience without a luxuriant aroma to go with it?

Having encountered this problem, Irene Forte soon came with a solution that was made possible with the help of Dr. Francesca Ferri. With over 35 years of experience and a very capable team under her command, dr. Ferri managed to distillate the richness of the Sicilian plants from the Verdura Resort into sophisticated formulas that offer amazing results.

Results proven by science and confirmed by experts

The Irene Forte Skincare routine is just as beneficial for your body as a mediterranean diet. The only difference is that this time the nutrients are entering the body for the outside in due to the super clean products that the brand has developed. More so, the products are also non allergenic as proven by the constant comparison to the complete list of 26 known allergens recognized by the European Union.

After solving the problem of fragrance, dr. Ferri started working on an alternative to synthetic preservatives. The solution is both revolutionary and completely natural: using vitamins as preservatives. The results offered by this switch are a superior texture for the products and healthier skin for the user.

If it sounds too good to be true don’t worry, everything is backed up by science. All Irene Forte Skincare Products are tested in the lab, in clinical trials and by consumers.

Laboratory tests have shown that the Hibiscus Serum, the Hibiscus Night Cream and the Olive Eye Cream are perfect against free radicals. Clinical tests have proven that all Irene Forte products are safe for sensitive skin and that a skincare routine based on Myoxinol or nature’s botox (extracted from hibiscus seeds) works wonders on wrinkles. So much so that consumers have noticed that after just 10 days of using Hibiscus Night Cream you can already see remarkable differences.

Myoxinol is not the only wonder ingredient used by dr. Ferri and her team. The Irene Forte Skincare products also use ingredients like glutathion (found in the Lavender Face Cream), a powerful antioxidant that prevents cellular degradation and works against the signs of aging or polysaccharides (found in the Prickly Pear Face Cream and the Prickly Pear Body Cream) which have the same nourishing effects as hyaluronic acid.

Speaking of hyaluronic acid, of course you can find it on the ingredient list for most of the Irene Forte products. But it’s not just any old hyaluronic acid. Dr. Ferri uses low density hyaluronic acid for deeper and faster hydration. 

Sustainable from ingredient to final product

Irene Forte is first and foremost nature oriented. As a result, the brand had a sustainable supply chain from launch based mainly on the plants from the Verdura Resort but also from other Sicilian farmers. The part that is a little bit extra is the use of upcycled zero waste ingredients from the leftover plants. These are very nutrient rich ingredients that are never used by most skincare brands.

Packaging is another area where the brand has chosen the path of sustainability by using as many recycled materials as possible. The boxes are made of 100% recycled fibers and the ink is vegan. The spatulas are handcrafted by a Puglia artisan using Italian olive tree while the jars are made of recycled glass. Is there anything more? Well, yes: refillables. And the brand has already gone down this path.

Do you feel like you need a little spa time at home right now? We don’t blame you. We feel the same! Fortunately, Irene Forte Skincare offers this exact experience and then some due to all the experts that contributed to creating the products. As a result, if you follow a complete Irene Forte skincare routine is just like enjoying your favorite desert and feeling none of the guilt.

We know everyone deserves this kind of luxury experience and that is why we want to tell you exactly how to get it. Is your skin dry or mature and you are looking for solutions? Read all about the Forte Rigenerante protocol right here. On the other hand, if your complexion is oily and tired, it’s time for you to discover the Forte Illuminante protocol right here.

Your skin deserves the spa treatment on a daily basis. Make sure you get it!

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