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RMS: clean make-up for everyone

When it comes to make-up what is actually in the products is of very little interest. What really matters to most women are the results. Unfortunately, this type of thinking is very old fashioned and it does no favor to your health or to the planet because the truth is that a lot of make-up product formulas use toxic ingredients. Yes, the long term effects of using this kind of products is usually a negative one but have no fear, there is hope for the beauty industry and RMS Beauty is one of the key players when it comes to the new approach to clean make-up.

A make-up artist with something to say

For Rose-Marie Swift, founder of RMS Beauty, the moment that changed everything was the day she realized that there was a better way of creating make-up products. She knew that for a fact, from over 30 years of working in the field and desperately wanting a change.

That was when Rose-Marie started a crusaid for clean ingredients and results. She knew it was possible and would settle for nothing less so she launched RMS in 2009 and with this one move a revolution started. Its goal? To clean up the beauty industry.

The standards that changed an industry

When it came to its own products, the first thing Rose Marie asked was for them to be natural. Therefore all formulas are rich in raw, organic, wild grown ingredients. Handpicked to give the best results, the RMS ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties that calm the skin and show off its natural glow.

The formulas and the results made quite the name for RMS in the beauty industry and among make-up lovers. International models, beauty editors, photographers, everyone loves RMS products because they are awesome both for professional photo shoots, for fashion shows and for everyday life.

Transparency is also crucial for RMS. Everything that goes in the formula goes on the label. And you will never find any toxic ingredients there. No parabens, no gluten, no synthetic flavors, no sulfates, no nothing. Also, they never test on animals.

Taking steps towards a more sustainable future

From ingredients to packaging, RMS is all about sustainability. Protecting the environment has been a key part of brand politics since the beginning. Nevertheless, RMS took a bold step forward and launched their first rechargeable primer setting the stage for a future that looks pretty good for the beauty industry.

Another big plus for sustainability is the fact that all products are real multi-taskers. Due to the active ingredients in the formulas the products can be used in more ways than one and each of them brings out the natural beauty of the users.

Cult products that transformed the brand

By now you already noticed how important clean products that delivered great results were for Rose-Marie Swift. Well, in her efforts she managed to create them and much more. Because some of her RMS Beauty products became the sweethearts of every glossy magazine editor and the talk of all the models and make-up artists.

The first cult product is a cover up concealer that took the world by storm with its no make-up make-up approach in a time when this was not a thing by any means. The trick with this concealer was that after applying it the face still looked bare, with no make-up what so ever.

The second cult RMS product is the Buriti Bronzer. Although it’s called a bronzer, this is the perfect combination of bronzer and blush to make your skin look tanned and luminous. And while we are talking about luminous skin it is a must to mention Luminizer, the illuminator that gives the most natural glow.

Lip2cheek is another crowd favorite. This next level multifunctional blush is a dream. Miranda Kerr always uses the shade Beloved so we think that it is a good starting point when testing this product.

When it comes to multitasking, in our book the Master Radiance Base is king. This make-up base will give your skin a natural glow, super dewy, like only healthy skin can have. But what we really love about it is the fact that it can be used as an illuminator in its own right. If this is not the perfect multitasker, we don’t know what is.

RMS in the age of technology

What is remarkable about RMS is that they managed to stay true to the formulas that put the brand on the map while developing new, innovative, patented technologies which made possible some pretty amazing products. For example, one of the most revolutionary RMS products is the Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara, a super resistant mascara that lasts up to 12 hours, is non smudgeable and nourishes the lashes all at the same time.

Another amazing example is the ReEvolve line. The primer is to die for because it seals in the skincare while fixing the make-up and giving the skin a hydration boost that lasts up to 24 hours. As for the ReEvolve Natural Finish Liquid Foundation, in Rose-Maries own words it is her favorite foundation because it is perfect for an all day type of make-up that truly allows a woman to reveal her natural beauty. Last but not least, the ReDimension Hydra Power Blush is a uniquely formulated gel blush that turns into a burst of color each time you apply it.

Over the years RMS has proven that the sky's the limit when it comes to clean make-up. Basically there is no product that can’t be formulated in accordance to their brand philosophy: natural ingredients, high end results, products that bring out the natural beauty within. Because make-up should never be about covering up but about highlighting the wonderful features that define us.

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