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The Forte Illuminante Protocol (combination and acne prone skin)

Irene Forte Skincare is a revolutionary brand that started out with the clear purpose of changing the way we see skincare. About the founder and the research director, both amazing women with vast experience in the field, we have talked about in depth in the article ”Irene Forte: the spa experience in your home”. If you haven’t read it already it is time to do it asap.

Even if we will not be diving into the brand history and values again we need to underline the fact that Irene Forte Skincare is all about science and natural ingredients. What is more, the products are not just random products that come out of the production line. Each and every product has been designed as part of an experience created for the user.

As a result, Irene Forte Skincare offers two distinct skincare protocols made by the experts in the labs and tested by the Roxxo Forte Hotels wellness experts. We have already talked about Forte Rigenerante, the protocol for mature or dry skin in the article “Irene Forte: the Forte Rigenerante Protocol”. Now it is time to go in depth, discuss the needs of combination skin and see why the Forte Illuminante protocol works wonders for it.

The cleansing stage

The first step of the Forte Illuminante protocol is, of course, all about cleansing. For combination, dull and acne prone skin the Irene Forte Skincare experts recommend the Lavender Foam Cleanser. It has a light formula, sulfates free, you put it straight on the dry skin and you remove it with water. This way you have a light exfoliation due to the soy protein complex in the product and your skin is purified, protected and balanced due to the lavender water, rosemary water and algae. Afterwards, your skin is smooth and has the most amazing natural glow.

Next up you have the toner. So the second step of the Forte Illuminante protocol is the Lemon Toner. This is a very special product that brightens the skin and leaves it looking super fresh. The ingredient list for the Lemon Toner is beyond impressive and the stars here are three alpha hydroxy acids specific to Sicily: tartaric, malic and citric. These acids exfoliate the skin while purifying and balancing your complexion. To keep the acids in check, the Lemon Toner formula also includes hamamelis and rose waters. They have a calming effect and make the toner perfect even for the most sensitive skin.

Last but not least, the Lemon Toner includes isomerized zachariades that act like moisture magnets, encapsulating the water in the cells and contributing to a better hydration. So it is safe to say that this product is much more than a toner, it’s a wonder treatment for the face.

To finish up the cleansing stage we have the third step of the For Illuminante protocol, the Apricot Penta Acid Polish. This is a multi purpose scrub, both mechanical and chemical that should be used just like a mask. Once you apply it, you need to let it sit on the skin so that the unique exfoliant combination of gluconolactone, tartaric acid from grapes, malic acid from apples, citric acid from lemons, mandelic acid from almonds and the apricot seed powder can regenerate and repair the skin moisture barrier while fighting hyperpigmentation and clearing the dead cells. If all these exfoliants sound a bit harsh, have no fear, the Apricot Penta Acid Polish is also rich in aloe leaf juice which hydrates and smooths the skin.

The massage stage

Most of us are not so keen on this stage, but facial massage is very important for our general state of mind and even more so for our complexion. Therefore, the fourth step of the Forte Illuminante protocol is the Rose Facial Oil which can spoil any skin type.

With a delicate formula that is quickly absorbed by the skin, the Rose Facial Oil actively improves the quality of your skin and the signs of aging. The extraordinary results are due to the product’s ability to refresh and strengthen the natural hydration barrier of the skin making it smooth and plump.

How can an oil do that? Well the Rose Facial Oil is not just any oil. This product is enriched with Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils that improve skin elasticity, calm rashes and protect against environmental factors. Also, its formula includes wild rose oil, rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants and carotenoids. These ingredients offer amazing results for dry skin and cellular regeneration. Let’s not forget the jojoba oil that you can also find in the Rose Facial Oil. This ingredient is a unique hydrator because it resembles the natural skin sebum.

The treatment stage

After pampering yourself with a nice massage the skin needs treatment to prepare it for deep moisture. So the fifth step of the Forte Illuminane protocol is the Lavender Tetra Acid Mask, a decongesting mask based on an Italian triple alpha hydroxy acids complex and azelaic acid. This formula exfoliates gently and balances the excess sebum giving the skin a natural glow. Also, rich in jojoba oil, rosemary water, lavender water and zinc oxide, it calms even the most sensitive skin.

The hydration stage

The Forte Illuminante does not have a dedicated serum for the hydration stage but this does not mean that you should skip this step. This is why, for this protocol, the Irene Forte Skincare experts recommend two products. First, there is the Hibiscus Serum, a serum created for the Forte Rigenerate protocol that offers incredible results for all skin types due to the Myoxinol in its revolutionary formula. Myoxinol, naturally derived from hibiscus seeds, is like natural botox and has the exact same effects as injectable treatments. It helps reduce wrinkles, deeply mostrurizes and balances the skin.

The second serum that can be used within the Forte Illuminante protocol is the Triple Level Hyaluronic Serum. The sixth step of the Forte Illuminante protocol, this serum is way beyond anything you will find on the market. With three different types of hyaluronic acid in its formula, it is a real moisturizing bomb that works tirelessly for up to 12 hours to erase wrinkles, moisture the skin and leave it super plump.

The seventh step of the protocol is the Olive Eye Cream, the perfect fit for any skin type, even acne prone ones. It has a light texture and the most amazing ingredients that work wonders on fine lines, dehydration, black circles and stimulating the microcirculation around the eyes. Just like the refreshing embrace of the Mediterranean on a hot summer day, this eye cream is a freshness boost with a Pro Vitamin B5 complex, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide B3 and aloe leaf juice.

The last step of the Forte Illuminante protocol is the Lavender Face Cream, one amazing product with the lightest formula that was ever created by the Irene Forte experts. Rich in glutathione, a strong antioxidant that fights against cellular decay and protects the skin at DNA level, the Lavender Face Cream moisturizes, reduces black spots and brightens the complexion.

The Forte Illuminante protocol has been designed for combination and acne prone skin but this does not mean that the steps are set in stone. The Irene Forte Skincare experts are highly aware of how unique each person is and how the needs of the skin differ from one person to the other. This is why they recommend us to keep a close eye on our skin and see how it reacts to each product. The products in the Forte Illuminante protocol can be replaced by those in the Forte Rigenerante and vice versa according to each particular user. So our advice to you is to try out the protocol that seems to fit your skin best and adapt it to your specific needs.

Are you ready for the rebirth of your skin?

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