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When, What, Why!? Breaking down all HoliFrog products.

Breaking down Holifrog products 

As we mentioned in our initial HoliFrog meet the brand article, the world of skincare changed a lot from the traditional skin type approach. Now, it’s all about the situation our skin finds itself in and HoliFrog is pioneer of situational skincare. 

How do pioneers start their work? They go back to the basics and the most basic step in any skincare routine, the one we usually pay very little attention to is cleansing.
Cleansing sets the stage for everything that is to come. If the cleansing is not done right your skincare will be inefficient at best. If the cleansing is too hard your skin will also suffer. Just as the story of Goldilocks goes, it has to be not too hard, not too soft, just right. 

Unfortunately, the idea that one cleanser can be just right for each situation your skin finds itself in is very wrong. So yes, you do need more than one cleanser in your bathroom and HoliFrog has found the ideal formulas for each situation your skin might find itself in.
The Cleansers - Why owning more than one cleanser can benefit your routine.

We love the cleansers because they are situational. HoliFrog has one for each and every skin moment. For example, Tashmo, one of the bestsellers, is a gentle milky wash with a pH 5 that does wonders for dry skin.
It does not foam, but cleanses so gently that your skin will love it.
And it is perfect for both make-up and everyday skincare.
We recommend you use it in the morning. You are welcomed :D.

Then we have Shasta, the perfect cleanser when your skin is in need of a little chemical exfoliation. The formula is more like a serum than a cleanser but it is a pH 4 cleanser soaked with acids that do an amazing deep cleanse. Shasta is the one to use after a flight when your skin feels like it will never be clean.
It is also perfect after the gym or when your skin starts acting up and you get pimples like the good teenage years (pro tip: Shasta can be used on any part of the body that is prone to sweat and bacteria). 
Superior Omega is the multitasker. You can use it on a daily basis to remove makeup and skincare. It leaves the skin perfectly clean but not dry. It has a pH of 5.5 so it is the closest HoliFrog option to more conventional cleansers with the added bonus of lots and lots of probiotics.
For the makeup addicts (and we are talking everyday heavy makeup users), Holifrog came up with Kissimmee, a cleansing balm that is the ideal first step for double cleansing. It is a bit gelly-oily but when in contact with the skin it melts and reacts beautifully, turning into a milk like cleanser in contact with water, that rinses right off.
We dare say that Kissimmee is love at first use for every new user. 
Sunapee is a fan favorite due to its unique formula. This cleanser is actually a powder that you mix with water or your favorite cleanser to get a gentle exfoliation. The good thing about Sunapee is that you can customize the consistency according to your own preference. A true bestseller when it comes to HoliFrog
For the mechanical exfoliation addicts HoliFrog presents Como, the Popp-E Scubby Wash. This is a poppy seed based gel that is very gentle and that we absolutely adore. 
Products that complete your daily routine- From Toners, Serums to incredibly potent face masks.

Now that we are done with the cleansers, let’s talk a little bit about the other wonder products created in the HoliFrog labs. First up we have Utopia. This toner is not a dream but reality. With a pH of 4.5-5.0, Utopia fills the skin with probiotics and balances the skin pH. 
Kosi is like Shasta on steroids, a mask that works best on very congested skin. It is not recommended more than twice a week (maximum) and you can really feel it do its magic. After using it the skin is a bit red at first but then it’s baby-like perfect. Of course, no sun for you after using Kosi
HoliFrog also created 3 very special serums: Sunnyside, Halo and Galilee.

Sunnyside C Glow is the ultimate vitamin C serum with 15% vitamin C, 3% tranexamic acid, 2% niacinamide, 2% mossCellTrec and gluthatione. Using this is like having vitamin C IV therapy on your face and we dare say it is exceptional. If you use this product you can kiss free radicals goodbye. 
Galilee Antioxidant Dewy Drop is ideal for oily skin because it leaves it super bouncy. It’s rich in niacinamides, panthenol, uniquinone and everything oily skin needs to stay rash free. To say it bluntly, Galilee is so hydrating that you can even skip the moisturizer and that is why the fans of the brand love it.
Halo Aha + Bha Evening Serum is nighttime exclusive and should only be used by people with highly congested skin. This serum, combined with Shasta, is what you need if your skin is stressed, super oily and with dilated pores. For anyone else, it is too much because it is packed with acids. 
Last but not least, we have Grand Amino, HoliFrog’s very own moisturizer. This face cream is rich in vitamins, ceramides, peptides, amino acids, antioxidants and everything your skin needs to look healthy and amazing. Even though it is thick and you can feel it when you apply it, Grand Amino goes straight into the skin and helps repair the skin barrier. And yes, it does so for all skin types, no matter how dry or oily.
This is the stuff that skincare dreams are made of. 
So this is it for HoliFrog for now. More products are to come and we can’t wait. Until then, make sure to try the products perfect for your particular situation and don’t get stuck in the “skin type” rollercoaster. 

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